The Outsider Episode 5 Recap


The Outsider Episode 5 Recap

The Outsider Episode 5 Recap

In the previous episode of HBO’s The Outsider, Holly went to New York to speak with Maria Caneles and explored the Grief-Eater mythology. In The Outsider Episode 5, Holly’s investigation brought her back to Dayton, and Jeannie, Tamika, and Ralph all had haunting dreams that feel real.


Holly returned to Dayton. With help from the bartender at her hotel, she reasoned that a Grief-Eater would hang around the cemeteries where their victims were buried. Holly paid the bartender to take her to the cemetery in Dayton where they buried Heath. She came across a man who wouldn’t tell her how he knew Heath. Later, he went to Heath’s mother’s house and made the bed, even when the mattress was gone. Holly concluded that whoever did it felt remorse. As Holly was leaving to go back to Dayton, he died in a suicide-by-cop. He’d had the same infection on the back of his neck as Jack.

Jeannie, Ralph, and Yunis came with Glory to Terry’s grave. It was family cemetery. Yunis realized that the barn in the distance was where Terry’s clothes were found.

Jeannie’s Dream

The Outsider Episode 5 Recap

Jeannie worked with recovering addicts. A man in a green hoodie in the waiting area at work unnerved her. When she came home, she intended to take a nap but slept until late in the night. She got up and the hooded Outsider told her to tell Ralph to stop. Ralph discovered her still in bed but with her feet cut up from stepping on glass in the night. Concerned, Ralph reassured her it was just a dream. However, he had her draw the person in her dream, and it looked similar to Merlin’s drawing. He showed Yunis, who remarked that dreams were meaningful.

Ralph remembered Jeannie’s depression and grief shortly after Derek’s death. He dreamed that Derek told him to let him go.

The Christening

The Outsider Episode 5 Recap

Jack was gathering items, including deer that he hunted, in the woods. A lamp looked like it had been rejected, and he spoke to an invisible figure, frustrated about his disapproval. At the christening reception for Tamika’s son, Jack became angry when Ralph asked him if he’d seen anything strange at the barn. When Tamika came in with the baby, Jack wouldn’t hold him and left the party. Tamika went after him, but Jack told her to let it go. He didn’t want anything to happen to the baby.

Tamika dreamed that a hooded figure had taken her son from her crib. When she woke up, she found his crib empty. In a panic, she went to her front door and saw her husband sitting on the porch with their son.

Jack apologized to Ralph. He asked to be included with what Ralph was investigating.

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