Legends of Tomorrow Crisis on Infinite Earths Episode 5 Recap

Legends of Tomorrow Crisis on Infinite Earths Episode 5 Recap

In the previous episode of The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths, Oliver sacrificed himself to help restart the universe. In Legends of Tomorrow Crisis on Infinite Earths Episode 5, the Paragons woke in the new universe to find that they all share it.


Kara woke in her apartment. Everything appeared the same, and though Kara remembered the Crisis, Alex didn’t. Nia called to get her to come down, as they were awarding Lex Luthor with the Nobel Peace prize. Kara learned that LutherCorp controlled the DEO.

While responding to an incident with the Weather Witch, Kara ran into Barry. They were both under the impression they were on their respective Earths. They realized that the multi-verse no longer existed. Everyone was on one Earth now, and the heroes fought together all of the time.

Brain Dump

Only the Paragons remembered the Crisis. J’onn went to all of their other compatriots and restored their memories of the crisis. With Nash Wells, he reminded him of his role of releasing the Anti-Monitor.

As the heroes fought a giant Beebo illusion, Nash warned Diggle that his gauntlet showed a surge of Anti-Matter. Though they believed they were already fighting it, the presence of Anti-Matter surged again, and they realized that the Anti-Monitor hadn’t died in the fight with Oliver. The shadow demons were back and hunting Paragons.

The Last Stand

Legends of Tomorrow Crisis on Infinite Earths Episode 5 Recap

The Anti-Monitor was made out of anti-matter, and just like matter, it could not be created or destroyed. However, he could be transformed. Ray, Ryan, and Nash developed a device that would shrink the Anti-Monitor indefinitely and trap him in the microverse. The heroes fought a giant version of the Anti-Monitor. Barry assembled the device, and Ray delivered it to Kara. She threw it, and the plan worked. The Anti-Monitor was gone.

The Legacy of Oliver Queen

Legends of Tomorrow Crisis on Infinite Earths Episode 5 Recap

Sara thought that she would find Oliver Queen with Diggle at the Arrow base. J’onn had given them their memories. Oliver was gone. Sara grappled with the fact that there was no one left who knew her before she got on the boat that would change her life.

After the defeat of the Anti-Monitor, the president addressed the nation. She revealed Oliver’s identity as the Green Arrow and honored his memory with a moment of silence. In a building off the S.T.A.R. Labs books, the heroes said goodbye to Oliver. Barry revealed that the place would be their headquarters for when they would need to work together. He showed them a table where they all, including Oliver, had a seat.

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