Batwoman Crisis on Infinite Earths Episode 2 Recap


Batwoman Crisis on Infinite Earths Episode 2 Recap

Batwoman Crisis on Infinite Earths Episode 2 Recap

In the previous episode of the CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths event, the heroes evacuated 3 billion people as the anti-matter wave destroyed Earth-38, and Oliver Queen sacrificed himself. In Batwoman Crisis on Infinite Earths Episode 2, the Monitor tasked the heroes with searching for the remaining paragons that could stop the crisis, while Mia, Barry, and Sara searched for a Lazarus Pit to bring Oliver back.

The Paragons

The Monitor needed the Waverider for Ray’s lab. With the multiverse at their disposal, they borrowed one from a universe where all the Legends were gone, but Mick was still alive. The Monitor gathered everyone to explain that seven Paragons would be able to stop the Anti-Monitor. He had gone back in time to retrieve the Book of Destiny, which Oliver had previously destroyed. Kara was the Paragon of Hope, and Sara was the Paragon of Destiny. He had hints for two others. The Paragon of Courage was known as the “Bat of the Future”, and the Paragon of Truth was another Kryptonian who had suffered tremendous loss.

Unfortunately, Lyla began hearing voices. She followed them to the Anti-Monitor, who wanted her to do his work.

Bat of the Future

Batwoman Crisis on Infinite Earths Episode 2 Recap

Kara and Kate went to Earth-99 where Bruce Wayne was still alive. The path there, the Monitor had advised, would lead them to the Paragon of Courage. At Wayne Manor, a very different Luke Fox answered the door with hostility. Bruce revealed himself to be walking with the aid of a mechanical exoskeleton. He explained that the Kate in his universe had died years ago.

With Kryptonite hidden in his exoskeleton, Bruce attacked Kara. He’d killed Superman in this universe, and Superman had been the one to injure him. Kate saved Kara and electrocuted Bruce. However, she kept Bruce’s Kryptonite as a precaution. Kara wanted to use the Book of Destiny to bring back Earth-38, which would be very dangerous.

The Monitor explained that, through her journey to Earth-99, Kate had revealed herself to be the Bat of the Future and the Paragon of Courage.

Paragon of Truth

Batwoman Crisis on Infinite Earths Episode 2 Recap

The Monitor revealed that he’d resurrected Lex Luthor, as he had a part to play in the crisis. Lex stole the Book of Destiny and used it to kill Supermen on different Earths. Iris joined Clark and Lois in their search for the version of Superman that would be the Paragon of Truth to protect him from Lex.

After finding Clark on a farm in Smallville, Lex sent them back to their ship. Clark explained that he was powerless, and Lex spared his life. Iris, Clark, and Lois found another Clark on Earth-38, one who looked like Ray Palmer. In his office were many plaques dedicated to the memories of journalists like Lois Lane and Jimmy Olson. They had died during a gas incident at the Daily Planet. Lex arrived, now bored of simply killing off Superman. He used the Book to fill Earth-38 Clark with hate to attack the other Clark. After a battle, Lois reminded Earth-38 Clark of the love he felt for the ones he lost and was able to shake off the effects of the Book. Earth-38 Clark agreed to join them as the Paragon of Truth.

Lazarus Pit

Batwoman Crisis on Infinite Earths Episode 2 Recap

Barry and Mia wanted to use a Lazarus Pit to bring Oliver back. Because of her experience with them, Sara agreed to help them. Though Thea Queen had destroyed all the Lazarus Pits on that Earth, they had a multiverse full of Earths to find a working one. They recruited Constantine to help them find one. He created a map of the remaining Earths and led them to one with a Lazarus Pit. Mia and Sara went ahead and ran into Jonah Hex, who was guarding the mine where it was located. After Sara gave him his scar, he ceded the mine to them. Barry and Constantine arrived with Oliver’s body. They dropped him in the Lazarus Pit, and he came out, soulless. Unfortunately, Constantine’s spell to bring his soul back to his body didn’t work. The anti-matter in the multiverse was affecting his powers.

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