Watchmen Season 1 Episode 3 Recap


Watchmen Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Watchmen Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

In the previous episode of HBO’s Watchmen, Angela’s grandfather, Will, was taken away into the sky in her car. In Watchmen Season 1 Episode 3, Laurie Blake, now an FBI agent working in the Anti-Vigilante Task Force, took over the investigation of Crawford’s death.

Laurie Blake

Laurie Blake, formerly Silk Spectre, was introduced as she set up a sting to catch Mr. Shadow. She shot him as he fled, guessing that his suit would protect him. Shortly after, Senator Keene, the politician behind the Defense of Police Act (DOPA), asked Laurie to go to Tulsa to investigate Judd Crawford’s death. She brought Agent Petey, the agent manning the slide projector in the briefing room, who happened to have studied vigilantes.

They visited Looking Glass, who was interrogating suspected Seventh Kavalry members that the police were rounding up. He told them about Crawford’s funeral later that day. Blake and Petey went to the funeral so Blake could talk to Angela. While Angela was giving the eulogy, a Seventh Kavalryman infiltrated the cemetery. He had a bomb strapped to him that he claimed was wired to his heart. He demanded that Senator Keene surrender himself, and Blake killed the Seventh Kavalryman. Angela dragged the body with the bomb into the grave and smothered the explosion with Crawford in his coffin. Later, at the crime scene, Laurie told Angela she knew about Crawford’s secret closet but implied she suspected he kept a vigilante costume there.

Calls to Mars

Watchmen Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Throughout the episode, Laurie went into booths that were ways to send messages to Dr. Manhattan on Mars. She frequented them, as she was a platinum member. Laurie told him jokes that referenced Nite Owl, the Comedian, and him. As she left the booth, Angela’s car landed in front of her.

The Game Warden

Watchmen Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Adrian Veidt tanned his own leather to make an armor suit with a diving helmet and dressed up Mr. Philips in it. Its purpose was to help him “venture into the great beyond”. Unfortunately, Mr. Philips came back frozen solid. After a tantrum, Veidt decided he needed thicker leather. To get this, he hunted a bison with a bow and arrow on horseback. As he approached with a dagger, the Game Warden arrived and shot at his feet. Veidt left.

Ms. Crookshanks brought Veidt a letter from the Game Warden and read it aloud. It explained that what Veidt was doing led the Game Warden to think that he was planning to escape. Veidt dictated a response to Ms. Crookshanks denying the claims. Later, he donned his Ozymandias costume.

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