Mindhunter Season 2 Episode 8 Recap


Mindhunter Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

Mindhunter Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

In the previous episode of Netflix’s Mindhunter, Holden devised a plan to draw out the killer but didn’t work. In Mindhunter Season 2 Episode 8, after another one of his plans didn’t pan out, Holden convinced the police department to surveil the river.

The Klan

Bill and Garland were monitoring Charles Sanders, a member of the KKK. Though it seemed like a waste of time for Bill, Garland believed that the Klan might be taking advantage of the situation in Atlanta. He revealed that the mayor had already been looking hard at the Klan, but it was to be kept secret until there was some hard evidence.

On a tapped phone call, Charles mentioned finding another kid, and his older brother, Donnie, spoke of the police finding Lubie Geter. Garland got them a warrant to take Charles in. Unfortunately, they hit another dead end with Charles passing a lie detector test three times.

Frank and Sammy

Mindhunter Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

To offset the costs of the investigation in Atlanta, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. were holding a benefit concert. Holden wanted to put a call out for volunteer security, convinced that the unsub would want to be part of it. After running into some red tape, they came up with nothing.

While setting up the security interviews, Bill and Holden saw Tanya give young boys money to stay in the arcade. Holden saw one of those boys later and did the same. However, the kid thought Holden wanted him to pose for a picture. He gave Holden another house to investigate. This brought up the possibility that there could be more than one predator involved in pedophilia.

The murderer was dumping bodies in the river now to eliminate fiber evidence. For five weeks, the police were staking out the river access points. Chief Redding had to pull the plug as the stakeouts were draining money and resources. On the last night, they stopped a man dumping something in the river. He fit Holden’s profile of a black man in his 20s or 30s.


Mindhunter Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

Wendy told Kay that she wanted a relationship with her. However, Kay’s ex-husband, Tom, arrived to drop off her son. Though Kay had preached being honest about herself to Wendy, Wendy overheard a very different Kay, who lied about her lifestyle to appease Tom. Wendy snuck out. When Kay finally caught Wendy at home, Wendy confronted Kay and broke up with her.


Mindhunter Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

At Brian’s latest psychiatrist appointment, Nancy discussed possibly selling their house and moving to another neighborhood. Bill resisted the idea. When Nancy needed some time for herself, Bill took Brian out for ice cream. Bill asked Brian to talk to him because he’s scared and needed to know how he was feeling.

When Bill arrived back in Atlanta, Holden was upset about Bill’s lack of commitment to the investigation. Bill finally revealed what he’d been dealing with at home.

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