GLOW Season 3 Episode 10 Recap


GLOW Season 3 Episode 10 Recap

GLOW Season 3 Episode 10 Recap

In the previous episode of Netflix’s GLOW, Ruth didn’t get the role in Justine’s movie, and a fire ended the Libertine Ball. In the season finale of GLOW, the ladies performed A Christmas Carol, and Debbie and Bash made a deal.

A GLOW Christmas Carol

Carmen loved Christmas and organized a Secret Santa gift exchange. She wanted GLOW to perform A Christmas Carol and for she and Ruth to perform a match together. Ruth, who wasn’t in the Christmas mood, had to comply because she was Carmen’s Secret Santa. For the fight, Ruth was Scrooge, and Carmen was the Ghost of Christmas Future. 

They ended the show with singing White Christmas. Keith arrived as Santa Claus. He was Carmen’s present to Cherry. Keith told Cherry that he met with a woman who worked at an adoption agency. Adopting could be a compromise. He would stay home with the baby, and Cherry wouldn’t have to sacrifice her body.

“Tell Me What to Do”

Debbie searched for Bash before the show. Debbie played a mother telling her son, played by Bash, the story. He was drunk and miserable. Sandy told Bash that the air conditioning repairman, Joe, was actually Paul, a gigolo. Bash admitted to Debbie that he liked being with a man, but he despaired about how his family would take it. Debbie suggested he wouldn’t have to rely on them.

Earlier, Debbie had talked to Tex about a deal he was making to buy a TV station. Tex dismissed the idea of her being his partner and underestimated her business acumen. Debbie proposed that Bash steal the deal from Tex. When they brought the idea to Bash’s advisors, they were thrilled. Bash told Rhonda that he knew what he wanted: her and to start a family.

Off Ramp

At the airport, everyone was going their separate ways for Christmas. Carmen told Debbie that she would be joining her brother Kurt in Phoenix. She would be quitting the show to tour and wrestle with him. Despite Debbie’s promise of new opportunities, Carmen stood firm.

Ruth ran to catch her flight, and Debbie went after her. She couldn’t hold in the news. She told Ruth that she and Bash were buying a TV station. They would have a new wrestling show, and Debbie wanted Ruth to direct. Ruth told her that she didn’t want what Debbie wanted. Debbie didn’t understand Ruth’s refusal, but Ruth insisted she understood better than anyone.


Justine and Sam exchange gifts. She gave him a shirt to wear to set. Sam gave her adoption papers. He had squared it away with her mother already. Sam wanted her to be eligible for an inheritance when he died.

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