Krypton Season 2 Finale Recap


Krypton Season 2 Finale Recap

Krypton Season 2 Finale Recap

The Krypton Season 2 Finale sees the rebels from Wegthor headed back to Krypton. From the skimmer, Seg icontacts Val and the two head to the rendezvous point in the Outlands to plan their next move against Zod. Adam, under the influence of a Kryptonian sedative, explains to Nyssa how the zeta beam device works. Adam says that the default setting will teleport the user to Rann and the inventor who built the device. Nyssa snatches the device anad uses it to teleport to Rann, where she plans to ask the inventor to help her find Brainiac’s ship so that she can rescue Jor-El and bring him home.

The Outlands

Krypton Season 2 Finale Recap

In the Outlands, the rebels mourn Kem’s sacrifice on Wegthor while planning a way to bring Zod down. Lyta explains that a Sagitari faction are loyal to her and they can be used to get the rebels close to Zod. However, that faction has been discovered and Zod has learned the location of the rebel hideout. He is sending Sagitari there to outnumber and overrun the rebels. If the rebels can engage and keep the Sagitari busy, then Seg and Lyta can sneak into Kandor and confront a relatively isolated Zod.


Krypton Season 2 Finale Recap

Seg calls out Zod in front of the people of Kandor. Seg explains to the people that Zod has reconditioned everyone who opposes them, stripping the people of their free will. Zod meets Seg’s challenge and states that he has seen what Kryptonian free will does. Everything that Zod has done has been to save Krypton. Lyta confirms that Seg is telling the truth by exposing how she was cloned and kept incapacitated for standing up to Zod.

Zod orders Seg adn Lyta arrested, but the Sagitari refuse. Zod battles against Seg and Lyta, but the two work together to take him down. Lyta orders the attack in the Outlands called off. Zod is placed under the effect of the Black Mercy, where he dreams of a life where his parenst are proud of what he has accomplished as Zod’s forces prepare to conquer earth.


Krypton Season 2 Finale Recap

Nyssa is taken to Rann, where she finds burned corpses of the native people. The omega symbol is painted in blood on the rocks. Thanagarians flock in the skies overhead.

The Hunt for Brainiac

Krypton Season 2 Finale Recap

The Outlands celebrate the liberation of Kandor. Val gives Adam a new, comics-inspired outfit, complete with leg braces that allow him to walk and a jetpack that allows him to fly. Amid the revelry, Seg spots Lobo, who has come to Krypton to learn more about Brainiac from Seg. Seg and Lobo make a deal — Seg will help Lobo find Brainiac and in exchange, Lobo will return Jor-El.

Brainiac, meanwhile, plans to raise Jor-El as his own son. Brainaic takes Jor-El to earth, where the Kryptonian will be a god among men.

Jayna and Dev check out heat signatures near where a fragment of Wegthor crashed into Krypton, hoping to find more survivors. Instead, the two find Doomsday buried in the ice.

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