Krypton Season 2 Episode 9 Recap


Krypton Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

Krypton Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

The battle for Wegthor turns brutal in Krypton Season 2 Episode 9. Having foiled the rebel plot to sabotage the fleet, Zod launches an attach against the forces on the moon. Though warned that the creature may not be ready, Zod frees Doomsday, using the weapon to end the battle swiftly and with as little loss of Sagitari life as possible. With communication between Krypton and Wegthor lost, Seg and Nyssa take a skimmer modified by smugglers for short-range space travel to warn Val and the rebels that Zod is launching his attack.


Krypton Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

Before he laves for Wegthor, Lyta tells Seg that her time under the effects of the Black Mercy have steeled her resolve for what their life together can be like once Zod is defeated. Nyssa understands that Lyta is the love of Seg’s life. Her fear, Nyssa reveals, is that Seg is the love of her life. After Seg just committed to finding Jor-El and being a family with Nyssa, she’s uncertain where she stands now that Lyta is back.

Lyta apologizes to Jayna for choosing Zod over her. Jayna tells Lyta that there is nothing to forgive. Lyta is her daughter and will always be the best part of Jayna. Later, when Dev returns with medicine to flush the remaining Black Mercy toxin from Lyta’s body, Lyta asks Dev what her clone was like. Dev tells her that the clone was like Lyta in every way except one — her unwavering devotion to Zod. Dev reveals that the clone needed him to help her get over losing Seg to the Phantom Zone and that for a time he and the clone were involved. Dev says that he got what he had always wanted, but was surprised to find that the emptiness inside him didn’t go away.

A pair of Sagitari followed Dev to their safe house. Dev and Jayna disarm the troops, who choose death over giving up any information to the traitors. Lyta reveals herself to the Sagitari, explaining how Zod lied to them and to all of Krypton. One of the Sagitari asks why they should belive her. Lyta tells of her time serving with the man’s brother. As Primus, she learned as much as she could about the troops serving Krypton together with her. Unless they act now, untold lives will be lost to Zod’s conquest. The Sagitari ask Lyta what she needs from them.


Krypton Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

Seg arrives on Wegthor early enough to warn Val of the coming attack. The rebels watch as a single ship descends to the moon’s surface, too far away for their artillery to reach. Doomsday alone disembarks from the ship. The rebels hit Doomsday with everything they have, but the monster is unphased. Val order the troops to retreat, but the rebels decide to make their stand and attempt to keep Doomsday from reaching the command post. Doomsday tears through them.

Nyssa volunteers to lead an assault on Zod’s ship so that the surviving rebels can escape to fight another day. Val sends Seg and Kem into the tunnels to plant explosive devices on the raw stellarium veins. Val will detonate the explosives from the command center, causing a chain reaction that will close the tunnels and destroy the minerals that Zod needs to power his fleet for galactic conquest.

Doomsday cuts off the power grid, disabling Val’s ability to remotely detonate the explosives. He and Adam are in the command center when Doomsday tears through, collapsing the ceiling. Adam pushes Val to safety, but is caught in the falling debris. Val digs Adam out once Doomsday has gone. Adam is alive but cannot feel his legs.

Seg understands that the only way to detonate the explosives is to stay in the tunnels and do it himself. Kem and Seg argue whether or not there is another way to detonate the explosives that doesn’t leave a man behind. Doomsday makes his way through the tunnels, killing the squad of rebels and knocking both Kem and Seg out. When Seg comes too, he no longer has the detonator. Kem goes back into the tunnels, activating a force field behind him so that Seg can’t follow. Kem finds the detonator and sets it to go off as Doomsday grabs Kem and kills him.

Nyssa watches the rebels board the ship. She asks Val where Seg is. The explosives detonate, creating a chain reaction larger than Val had anticipated. The entire moon is ripped apart in the explosion. Nyssa, Val, Adam, and the rest of the rebels watch Wegthor blow to pieces from aboard the ship, not knowing that Seg made it back to the skimmer and escaped the destruction.

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