Agents of SHIELD Season 6 Episode 11 Recap

Agents of SHIELD Season 6 Episode 11 Recap

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Agents of SHIELD Season 6 Episode 11 Recap

Agents of SHIELD Season 6 Episode 11 sets the stage for next week’s 2-hour season finale. Izel manipulates YoYo and Mack to learn the location of the temple where she can open the gateway to bring her people into this universe. Daisy and May struggle to determine whether Sarge is more like Coulson or more like Izel. Deke and Fitz-Simmons try to figure out a way to inoculate the team from Izel’s ability to possess them so they can get close enough to stop her.


Agents of SHIELD Season 6 Episode 11 Recap

Deke and Fitz-Simmons have their scanning equipment focused on Sarge in his containment cell. Meanwhile, the three attempt to figure out a way to protect SHIELD agents from being possessed by Izel. In spite of their best efforts, they are unable to figure out how Izel’s powers work, thus they can’t find a way to neutralize them.

May interrogates Sarge, hoping that getting his memories back will draw the Coulson side of him into the light. Sarge continues to insist that the memories don’t mean anything. He’s not Coulson and those aren’t Sarge’s memories. Daisy agrees with Sarge’s assessment. He’s not Coulson, he’s something else — a weapon strong enough to stop Izel. Whatever that weapon is, its strength, like the memories, have gotten stronger since Izel shot and killed Sarge. In order to draw that side of Sarge out, Daisy uses her quake powers to kill Sarge again.

When Sarge resurrects a second time, he is in emotional turmoil and unable to control his powers and keep his physical form together. Daisy decides to test out Sarge’s sword that he plans to use to kill Izel. She confronts Sarge, who is looking for the sword so that he can kill himself before anyone else at SHIELD is hurt. He tells Daisy that she doesn’t know what it’s like, feeling Izel’s song in her bones, controlling her. Sarge doesn’t realize it, but he calls Daisy “Skye”. Between that and his willingness to sacrifice himself, Daisy realizes that there is some of Coulson in Sarge and that part is getting stronger, too. Daisy drops the sword and hugs Sarge, calming him and allowing him to pull himself together, literally.

Deke keys on Sarge’s words and realizes that the blades are like tuning forks. Izel uses harmonic resonance to possess people. If they can develop a device that disrupts that resonance, then they can stop her from being able to possess people.


Agents of SHIELD Season 6 Episode 11 Recap

Izel possesses YoYo and tricks her into revealing that even though she and Mack have no idea where the temple might be located, Benson does. Izel-as-Mack arranges Benson to meet them aboard the Quinjet and tell them where the temple is located. YoYo tips Benson not to reveal the location, which results in Izel forcing Mack to kill Benson’s SHIELD escort.

Benson says that he has already lost everything that matters to him; he doesn’t fear death and isn’t going to help Izel destroy the world. Izel uses the device containing the monoliths’s energies to create what Benson does fear the most. Benson’s dead husband, Thomas, materializes and blames Benson for the accident that killed him and for taking him off of life support. Izel threatens Benson not with death but with living and having to face Thomas over and over again. Benson breaks and tells Izel where to find the temple.

Mack and YoYo create a distraction that allows Benson to escape. Izel says that she already has the temple’s location from Benson. Mack says that with Benson free, the rest of the SHIELD team will know where Benson sent them. Izel says that’s good — her people will need host bodies once they cross over into our world. At the temple, Izel says that the monoliths must be reconstructed in order to resonate with the energy inside the device. She needs YoYo and Mack alive to recreate the stones, since she has never seen them. Both YoYo and Mack say that they aren’t going to help her, but Izel points out that the device has created Flint, the inhuman they met in the future with the ability to move stone, from their minds.

Meanwhile, Altarah tells the Chronicom hunters that Chronyca-2 can be saved. The hunters, however, want to conquer a new world and designate it Chronyca-3. When Altarah protests, they kill her and set out with a new mission and set of targets.

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