Stranger Things Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

Stranger Things Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

Stranger Things Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

In the previous episode of Netflix’s Stranger Things, Billy kidnapped Heather, and El broke up with Mike. In Stranger Things Season 3 Episode 3, El used her powers to spy on the boys and Billy.

Meet the Parents

El used her abilities to spy on the boys talking about not understanding women. Max and El spun a bottle to pick who to spy on next, and it landed on Billy. Eleven saw Billy hunched over Heather, who was in distress. Billy saw El watching him. Max and El checked the pool, and neither Billy nor Heather had shown up to work.

They tracked down Heather and Billy, who were having dinner at the Holloways’. Everything seemed normal, so Max and El left. In possession of the Mindflayer’s memories, Billy remembered when Eleven closed the gate. Heather’s mother, Janet, collapsed after being poisoned. Billy knocked out her father, Tom, the owner of The Hawkins Post.

Growing Up

Stranger Things Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

Will woke Mike and Lucas dressed as his Dungeons and Dragons character. He wanted them to play, but they participated half-heartedly. Will was fed up with them, and they pointed out that they were growing up. He left in the rain and ended up at his hideout in the woods. Will remembered his friends together as they had been and ripped a photo of them dressed as the Ghostbusters. He tore up his D&D drawings and destroyed the hideout with a baseball bat.

When Mike and Lucas couldn’t find Will at his house, they went to the hideout. Will warned them that the Mindflayer was back.

Silver Cat and Fertilizer Rats

Stranger Things Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

With the Russian message fully translated, Robin was working out what it meant. Knowing that the music came from the mall, Robin was able to connect the message to the mall too. With the information, Dustin, Steve, and Robin saw boxes delivered under the watch of armed guards, presumably the Russians.

The men at The Hawkins Post laughed at Nancy’s fertilizer rat story. Nancy determined she needed to bring them proof. She and Jonathan visited Mrs. Driscoll. They found her in her basement eating fertilizer.

Back at the Lab

Joyce arrived at Hopper’s. She had forgotten that she was supposed to meet him for dinner. Joyce explained that she was at Mr. Clarke’s to figure out why the magnets weren’t sticking. Hopper was jealous of Mr. Clarke. Joyce explained that it would take considerable resources to build something that would disrupt magnetic fields on a big enough scale. She thought something was going on back at the now-closed lab.

Hopper reluctantly took her there. Joyce had flashbacks of Bob. Hopper confessed that he knew she was trying to sell her house. They heard a noise, and someone beat up Hopper until he was unconscious. Joyce found him as the assailant left.

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