Swamp Thing Episode 6 Recap

Swamp Thing -- Ep. 106 -- "The Price You Pay" -- Photo Credit: Fred Norris / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Swamp Thing Episode 6 Recap

Swamp Thing Episode 6 sees Avery’s hunters lure and trap the Swamp Thing in an effort to bring him in so that Woodrue can experiment on him. The tables are turned, however, when conventional methods are not enough to subdue Alec. As the hunters try to escape from the enraged Swamp Thing, Alec punches trees, sending slivers of wood into his fleeing attackers, landing them in the hospital where Abby learns that the creature that attacked them sounds a lot like Alec.

Blue Devil

Swamp Thing Episode 6 Recap

Danny is in a coma and essentially brain dead. Liz blames herself, telling Abby that if she hadn’t poked Avery then Danny wouldn’t have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Abby confronts Avery about Liz’s allegations. Avery tells her that’s not a line that he wants to cross with her. If she ever lays accusations like this on him again, he won’t be as forgiving as he is being this time.

While unconscious, Danny recalls the deal he made with the Phantom Stranger that trapped Danny in Marais. Danny was frustrated at being seen as nothing more than a stunt man by Hollywood producers and studios. In exchange for the starring role as the Blue Devil in a movie about the character, Danny agreed to a favor to be named later.

Woodrue injects a sample of his serum into the IV bag headed for Danny’s room. When the serum hits Danny’s veins, his brain injury is healed, but there is an unforeseen side effect. Danny burns blue, the devil inside him somehow activated and causing him unbearable pain. Danny heads to Woodrue’s home, begging for a cure as Woodrue’s wife, Caroline, watches in horror at who her husband is becoming under Avery’s direction. While Woodrue and Avery tussle with Danny, Caroline injects Danny with a sedative from behind.

Xanadu visits Danny in the hospital. She tells him that whatever mission he was given is still in his future and that she is unable to interfere with his destiny. She does, however, pull the burning from Danny, relieving his pain.

The Green

Swamp Thing Episode 6 Recap

The sheriff is upset that she killed Remy in order to protect Matt. She asks what could have made Matt work for Avery and kill Alec. Matt tells her that Avery has a file going back 30 years on the sheriff, detailing all the corruption, bribery, and favors she’s participated in over the decades. Matt did it to protect her. When the call comes in that the hunters were attacked in the swamp, the sheriff sends Matt to investigate in order to get him out of her sight.

Matt follows Alec’s footprints into the swamp, where he finds Abby. Abby tells Matt that the creature is Alec. Matt is upset and asks whether Alec remembers anything from the night of the explosion. Alec doesn’t recognized Matt as the one who tried to kill him, only as the officer who helped Abby at the bridge. Abby asks Matt to keep this quiet while she works to find a cure for Alec’s condition. Matt agrees, only to fill his mother in back at the station.

Back in Alec’s lab, Alec tells Abby that he feels more connected to the green than to anything he’s ever been a part of in his life. He believes the Phantom Stranger wants him to explore the green further, but Alec is afraid that doing so will cause him to be less of the man he once was and more of this new creature. He doesn’t want to lose Abby. A flower grows, buds, and opens in the palm of Alec’s hand. It bursts green pollen into the air. Through the pollen, Abby sees Alec not as the creature but as the man he once was.

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