Agents of SHIELD Season 6 Episode 7 Recap

Agents of SHIELD Season 6 Episode 7 Recap

Agents of SHIELD Season 6 Episode 7 sees May bring Sarge and Snowflake to SHIELD headquarters. As Sarge is marched to his cell, the agents they pass are visibly disturbed by seeing someone who looks just like Coulson back at SHIELD. Sarge makes a mental note of the reactions, planning to use them to gain control of the situation.

On Earth

Mack butts heads with Sarge. Sarge refuses to give Mack any information that will help stop the Shrike as long as Sarge and his crew remain incarcerated. Sarge understands the threat that the earth faces and tells Mack that by the end of the day SHIELD will be looking to him for leadership. In the meantime, Jaco undergoes a transformation. He is having trouble breathing, not because he’s unaccustomed to the earth’s atmosphere, but because he is undergoing a transformation so that he can breathe fire and help Sarge and the team escape. Daisy puts down Jaco, ending the escape attempt.

Deke manages to crack the encryption on Sarge’s tracking device. The tracker shows two of the Shrike moving toward one another. May and Yo-Yo take separate teams and capture the two. Aboard the Quinjet, the two Shrike are put into a containment module together, where they begin reacting with one another. The module crystalizes, threatening to destroy the Quinjet and all aboard. With no alternative, Mack bargains with Sarge — Sarge and his crew freed with their gear in exchange for information to save the Quinjet. Sarge tells Mack to use the cold of the upper atmosphere to destroy the Shrike.

With the plan’s success, SHIELD turns to Sarge for what to do next, as there are a lot more Shrike out there and their creator is coming.

In Space

Having never used a transporter disc before, Enoch teleports himself and Fitz-Simmons back to Kitson, where the three are once again stranded. Still wanted for their earlier crimes in the city, the three are captured and brought before Kitson, passes his sentence on them. Enoch is sent to the brothels while Fitz-Simmons’s death will be used to make more money for Kitson. Fitz, Simmons, and a third criminal are placed in guillotines and forced to hold the chains attached to the blades. Bets are taken on which will be the first to lose his or her grip, and thus his or her head.

A mysterious woman places a blade against Kitson’s back — a blade that looks a lot like the ones that Sarge uses to kill the Shrike. She offers to buy Fitz-Simmons from Kitson. Kitson presses a button, shocking the third criminal, causing him to let go of his chain. The woman buys Fitz-Simmons and Enoch, who she has also purchased to make Fitz-Simmons happy, a round of drinks. She explains that she needs a crew to pilot a ship to earth where she is going to retake artifacts that were stolen from her. She does not, however, have a ship. Fitz leads her to the men who stole the ship that he commandeered. Agin flashing her dagger, she offers to buy the ship and its crew. The crew agrees to her terms.

His mission ended, Enoch leaves Fitz-Simmons while he goes to find a new home for the Chronicoms. He gives Fitz a device that can be used to contact Enoch, should they need him again.

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