Krypton Season 2 Episode 1 Recap


Krypton Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

Krypton Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

The Krypton Season 2 premiere opens six months after the events of Season 1. With Zod in control, the Rankless have been freed. Using the cover created by a chaotic transition, Zod has conscripted all able-bodied Kryptonians into his army, which Zod plans to use to conquer worlds for the Kryptonian empire. Arriving from the future under Zod’s rule, Adam strange is back in Kandor with knowledge of Zod’s true plans.

The Resistance

Krypton Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

Abducted off the street by Jax-Ur, Adam finds himself in the middle of the resistance against Zod in Kandor, led by Val-El and Jax. Adam explains that Zod doesn’t plan to conquer worlds and rule them, but terraforms them to make them habitable for Kryptonians, killing the planet’s native life in the process. In the future, earth is destroyed. Only the bottled city of Detroit remains.

The fact that Detroit gets bottled means that Brainiac finds some way to escape the Phantom Zone, offering a small hope that perhaps Seg-El can escape as well. The Resistance, however, has no time to worry about Seg. In order to stop Zod, they plan to take the fight to the Sagitari under Zod on the Kryptonian moon of Wegthor. On the moon, Zod is mining the stellarium needed to produce the warp fuel that will allow Zod’s fleet to conquer the galaxy.

Kneel Before Zod

Krypton Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

Lyta serves as her son’s enforcer, searching for the escaped Doomsday on Krypton. Lyta believes that the military should be ending the war, not devoting resources to finding the creature. Zod explains that if they deploy Doomsday against the worlds they intend to conquer, then those worlds can be brought under Kryptonian rule without the loss of a single Kryptonian life. Lyta proposes that Zod search for Doomsday and let her continue hunting the Resistance leaders. Zod is skeptical, since the resistance leaders were once Lyta’s allies, but Lyta suggests that is why she knows how to find and capture them.

Nyssa’s Search

Krypton Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

Upon learning that she is a clone of the original Nyssa-Vex, Nyssa has been searching for answers. Using what she learns from Jax about her father’s origins, Nyssa searches for him in his home city of Borok. Nyssa gets a tip that leads her to her father working in the sewers. Nyssa demands answers about who she was before the accident and what she is now, but before her father can provide those answers, he is killed in an ambush by Lyta.

Lyta takes Nyssa before Zod. Nyssa warns Lyta that Zod is just like her father was and will manipulate anyone he needs to in order to remain solely in power. Lyta tells Nyssa that Zod is nothing like that. Zod holds Nyssa and Seg’s son, Cor-Vex. He will return the infant to Nyssa if she is able to convince the Resistance to cease fighting. If not, then he will raise Cor as his own child. Nyssa reiterates to Lyta that Zod is exactly like her father was.


Krypton Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

The remaining Sagitari force Mama Zed to led them to the Resistance’s base of operations in Kandor. Adam covers the retreat so that Val and ax can escape, then zeta beams himself to wherever Seg is, even at the risk of being killed upon trying to access the Phantom Zone.

Seg’s Return

Trapped in teh Phantom Zone, Seg begins losing his mind as visions from throughout time all assault his senses. In one, he sees Zod kill Lyta with his bare hands. A vision of Val comes to Seg, instructing Seg to use the sunstone he carries to pierce the veil between the Phantom Zone and reality and escape. As Seg works to return to reality, he discovers that what he thought was a vision of his grandfather was Brainiac in disguise.

Seg awakens on the planet Colu. Brainiac informs Seg that this was his home planet. It was a technological marvel that, when marreid with an advanced AI, created Brainiac, who then wiped out his own race in order to ensure his survival. Brainiac used Seg to free them both from the Phantom Zone and is keeping Seg alive because he requires Seg’s assistance in repairing chips that were fried by the sunstone’s radiation in the escape. In return, Brainiac and Seg will construct a ship that will take them off the planet and get Seg back home to Krypton.

Both know that as soon as they have no use for the other that they’ll betray one another. Since that’s the way it has to end, Seg skips to the end and kills Brainiac, splitting his head in half with a club. Adam arrives on Colu and finds Seg still in shock over killing Brainiac. Adam brings Seg around and tells him that he has fixed the zeta beam device to transport the both of them to Krypton, but the planet’s magnetic field is keeping them from using the device.

The pair stop their bickering and run when they hear a howl nearby. Lobo chases them into the open, then blasts Adam and knocks out Seg. Lob chains the two together and drags them away.

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