Agents of SHIELD Season 6 Episode 3 Recap


Agents of SHIELD Season 6 Episode 3 RecapMost Used

Agents of SHIELD Season 6 Episode 3 Recap

Agents of SHIELD Season 6 Episode 3 sees Fitz and Enoch as wanted men. A hunter receives an alert regarding the two. Armed with weapons and a teleportation device, the hunter searches for his quarry.

Fitz & Enoch

Agents of SHIELD Season 6 Episode 3 Recap

Fitz lands the hijacked ship on Kitson, where he is considered a hero by local workers at the spaceport for saving the crew over the Controller. However, the workers are still going to steal the snails and the ship from Fitz. Proving that they’re not terrible people, the workers leave Fitz and Enoch with a single casino chip, giving the two a chance to make the fortune they need to get another ship and get off planet.

The casino has a strict no robots nor synthetics rule. Enoch gets past their scanners. Feeling optimistic, Enoch orders himself and Fitz drinks. Enoch has studied — but never played — games of chance like those played in the casino. Enoch states that he is having fun out with Fitz, who Enoch considers his best friend.

Enoch wins a large amount of chips before losing them at a poker-like game. While Enoch is great at playing mathematical odds, he is incapable of reading people, including when Fitz says that Enoch is his best friend, too. Enoch knows of one final game they can play, but the stakes are high. Enoch will count the cards in a blackjack-like game and signal to Fitz playing the game. If Fitz loses, he will be sold into slavery.. or worse.

All is going well until Enoch is remotely shut down. The hunter is a chronicom like Enoch, and he has alerted others that Fitz and Enoch are here. Enoch says that being remotely shut down means that he has been decommissioned. He no longer has a purpose. Fitz says that they are best friends and that their purpose is to look out for one another.

Simmons & Daisy

Agents of SHIELD Season 6 Episode 3 Recap

Daisy, Simmons, and the rest of their team arrive in Naro-Atzia space, where they are docked and boarded for customs inspection. The hunter teleports onto their ship on the information that Fitz and Enoch would be aboard the next ship that docked there. The hunter explains that Fitz is a man out of time, and his presence threatens the timeline of the universe.

Realizing that Fitz and Enoch are alive and close by, Daisy and Simmons travel to Kitson to find them. Unfortunately, they are under the psychedelic effects of a treat that they ingested, causing them to lose track of their mission in the casino. The hunter gets free and contacts others who shut down Enoch. Daisy fights off the hunters while Simmons searches for Fitz. Fitz and Enoch escape from their cell in front of Simmons, but the hunter telelports in, grabs Fitz, and teleports away, leaving Simmons and Enoch alone in the hallway.

Back on earth, Sarge and Jaco survey the planet and get ready to do some damage.

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