Cloak & Dagger Season 2 Episode 9 Recap


Cloak & Dagger Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 9 revels the past eight years of Andre’s life. A jazz trumpeter striving for immortality  through fame, his love of music was taken away from him by his migraines. Andre was considering suicide the night the Roxxon rig exploded, causing him to fall from the bridge. Waking in the hospital with Lia as his nurse, Andre discovered the then-empty record shop and its ability to heal his pain. Andre filled the record shop with the songs of the women who came to group therapy over the years.

Now, understanding the meaning of the veve on the record shop door, Andre plans to ascending to godhood by playing his trumpet once again and using it to drain the hopes from everyone in the city.


Tandy and Mayhem report to the crime scene where the NOPD found Lia’s  dumped, unconscious body. Like the other female victims that Tandy rescued who are still in police custody, Lia is humming a piece of a song. The victims who the NOPD released have all disappeared. Rather than take Lia to a hospital, Tandy and Mayhem take her back to the church, where Tandy says that once they know where Andre is from Lia, then Tandy’s going to kill her.

Tandy touches Lia’s hand to search her hopes, but finds Lia devoid of any. Inside Lia’s mind is a door. With Ty alongside, the two search through Lia’s memories, finding how Andre manipulaed Lia into helping him by claiming her as his first victim. Andre is in Lia’s head as well. He tells Ty and Tandy that they can’t stop him from ascending to godhood now.

Mayhem is ready to kill Lia, since they can’t get anything of use from her head, but Tandy has a change of heart. She sees Lia as a victim, too, and protects her from Mayhem. After a struggle, Mayhem tells Tandy that whatever happens with Lia from this point on is Tandy’s responsibility. Tandy abandons Lia at the hospital while she and Ty go to face Andre.


Ty hits the streets in search of Andre. After checking in on his mother, who Ty catches lying about Connors, Ty hits up the young gang member Solomon and tells him to call a meeting of the city’s gang leaders. Ty ambushes the gang members and brings the leaders to the top of a building. Ty sets an ultimatum — no more selling drugs to the pimps and human traffickers who use the drugs to control women.

Ty learns from the gang leaders that Andre is headed back to the club where his career ended and his ascension began. He and Tandy arrive, but Andre isn’t there. The original club was destroyed. The two follow the sound of Andre’s trumpet, where a group of victims including Tandy’s mom stand rapt while Andre plays. Unable to reach Andre in time, Tandy throws a dagger at Ty, who sends it through to Andre as he hits the blue note.

Andre and the crowd disappear. In the record store, the veve-locked door is open. Andre steps through.

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