Catch-22 Season 1 Episode 4 Recap


Catch-22 Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Catch-22 Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

In the previous episode of Hulu’s Catch-22, McWatt crashed his plane purposefully after accidentally killing Kid Sampson. Catch-22 Season 1 Episode 4 opened with YoYo answering questions about the incident.

Eleven Missions

The officers interviewed YoYo about McWatt’s state of mind. They were trying to absolve the US Army of responsibility for their deaths. YoYo made a point to say that the Army was responsible for McWatt’s insanity. Afterwards, he was asked to identify McWatt and Kid Sampson from their remains.

YoYo sought out Nurse Duckett to tell her, the other sane person in camp, about his plan. He would fly the eleven missions he had left quickly and turn the log sheets in all at once before the quotas could be raised again. Yossarian went from mission to mission and even asked other bombardiers if he could fly their missions for them. When he had eleven, he took them to Col. Korn for his discharge papers. Korn put them at the bottom of a pile and told him to come back later.

Like a Vacation

Catch-22 Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

On his way back from swimming, YoYo ran into a jovial Orr and caught a ride with him. He had been on a training run in a new bomber, but the valve on the carburetor was different. Orr had landed in the water. Milo sought YoYo out to go with him on his business runs, and Orr asked to tag along.

Milo had run M&M Enterprises so lucratively that, from Sicily to Palermo to Malta to Oran, he was collecting honorary titles and powerful positions. He had asked YoYo to come along to pose as Nelson Rockefeller for the Caliph of Oran. The Caliph asked him about drilling prospects in the Sahara, and Orr successfully covered by talking about the valves.

Getting Out

Catch-22 Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

On the way back to base, YoYo and Minderbinder talked about going home. Milo wanted YoYo to go into business with him. He had a quota, just like everyone else, but Milo had been so busy that he knew wouldn’t get out of the war the normal way.

When Yossarian got back, Col. Korn still hadn’t stamped his papers. The quota had been raised while they were gone to 55. YoYo was still in active duty, which meant he still had to fly. YoYo saw Nurse Duckett, who told him that instead of hoping the war would end, he should fly the missions to help end it.


Catch-22 Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Nately told YoYo that he decided to propose to the prostitute, Clara. YoYo wasn’t happy about the news, but Nately showed him the ring and asked him to be his best man. He apologized to Nately and agreed.

During the latest mission, YoYo could see Orr’s plane going down. It distracted him enough that he didn’t release his bombs. All the other bombers released late and missed the target. YoYo convinced the pilot to turn around because he didn’t want to come back the next day. He successfully bombed the bridge, but the tailgun and Nately dislodged from the plane and fell to the ground.

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