5 TV Cliffhangers That Were Never Resolved


cliffhangers never resolved

 5 TV Cliffhangers that were never resolved

ComingSoon.net is taking a look at some of television’s most upsetting cliffhangers that were never resolved. Check out our choices in the gallery below!

What’s interesting about a television show compared to a feature film is the fact that a show’s total running time is never clear—if a movie’s plot goes unresolved by the end, it’s probably intentional. If a show gets cancelled before finishing its main storylines, then it’s likely a product of its cancellation and not part of the grand scheme.

That’s why, in many cases, plenty of shows go without ever seeing any form of resolution. We’re living in a time where a whole bunch of shows are getting brought back, but it’s unlikely these shows we’ve compiled will ever get any sort of proper conclusion. It’s unfortunate, but it’s also commonplace.