5 TV Episodes That Never Aired


5 tv episodes that never aired

5 TV episodes that never aired

ComingSoon.net is taking a look at five episodes of popular television series that proved to be too controversial. Check out our choices in the gallery below!

While many television shows have gone in the direction of shorter seasons and shorter runs, there are plenty of past and present ones who embrace the traditional 20+ episode season structure with hopes of remaining on-air for as long as possible. Naturally, with such a high demand for plots and stories, there are bound to be a few duds in the mix.

What many show runners and television writers can’t anticipate, though, is their episode facing bad timing or being accused of bad taste. Unfortunately for them, this sort of thing happens quite often. Whether the episode happens to contain subject matter that reflects real-life tragedies or it simply takes its plot too far, there are a handful of TV shows with episodes that were either pulled from the release schedule or removed from recirculation after the fact.