Doom Patrol Episode 14 Recap


Doom Patrol Episode 14 Recap

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Doom Patrol Episode 14 Recap

Doom Patrol Episode 14 fleshes out Mr. Nobody’s backstory. He meets his girlfriend, Millie, at a cafe in Chicago in 1946. She asks how his presentation went with the Brotherhood of Evil, where he pitched the idea of a giant robot taking over the city. Eric reveals that the Brotherhood fired him for his ineptitude, with the Brain replacing him with Mallah. Millie insists that Eric march back in there and tell the Brotherhood that they can’t do that to him, but Eric points out the Brotherhood doesn’t usually fire members, it kills them, and they only let him live because he’s neither a physical nor mental threat to them. Millie is tired of hanging with a loser, telling Eric that he’s a nobody and always will be.

Hunting The Hunter

Doom Patrol Episode 14 Recap

The team follows the coordinates Vic gave them to find the Beard Hunter, hoping to get Niles’s location from him. The route leads them into the middle of a field, where Danny has landed. Danny consoles their old friend Flex over Dolores’s death. There the team finds the Beard Hunter, who has gotten clean from his hair addiction and is living among the others with Danny. Out of leads, Danny reveals that they know where Niles is being held — the White Space.

Flex explains that the White Space is the area on the edges of the page where there is no story. He knows a Flex that can teleport the team to the White Space. After a misfire that leads to a mass orgasm, Flex finds the right pose and sends the team to the White Space.


Doom Patrol Episode 12 Recap

Back at the hospital, Vic replays the scene of himself beating Silas at the Ant Farm. Silas wakes and reveals to Vic that he was right not to rust his father. Silas states that not all of Vic’s memories are real. Vic’s mother didn’t die in the yard the night of the explosion. Silas brought both alive to Star Labs, but could only save one. Niles pointed out that Vic was physically more compatible with the bio-tech and that if Mrs. Stone was able to speak, she would tell Silas to save Vic, not her. Vic storms out, telling Silas that he has friends who he trusts and that they need him.

The White Space

Doom Patrol Episode 14 Recap

In the White Space, the team members are separated and placed in the moments right before the tragedies that changed their lives. Nobody gives each a choice; stay and live your lives as though the events never happened, or walk away from the dream world and be destroyed. Each realizes that he or she was a twisted monster before their event. Each ruined his or her own life once, if he or she stays, they’d just ruin it all over again.

Lost in the White space with nothing but Nobody’s narration, Rita decides to start telling her own story. Over Nobody’s interruptions, Rita tells how she found and brought the team together in the White Space, which causes just that. Niles is with them. Nobody wants a climactic battle, but the team just feels sorry for him and doesn’t want to fight. Nobody is a messed up individual just like them. Vic arrives in the White Space and blasts Nobody, defeating him once and for all.

Springing The Trap

Doom Patrol Episode 14 Recap

One year later, Niles wheels down the halls of the manor, assembling the team for training. An alert goes off, calling them to the park where Nobody’s giant robot is attacking the city. The team stands up tot he robot, but is killed as Niles watches from the bus. As soon as the team dies, the scene repeats from the manor. Over and over the team dies and Niles is helpless to do nothing but watch. Finally, Niles stops the team and tells them that this isn’t real. It’s just Nobody torturing him. The team is confused, thinking Nobody defeated, until Vic arrives. Nobody reveals that he was masquerading as Vic in the White Space and is very much alive.

The team comes out of the illusion, still in the White Space, which they never left. Nobody says that the only thing that can free them is the truth. Niles confesses that the tragedies that impacted the team members were not accidents. Niles caused each one of them.

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