Arrow Season 7 Finale Recap


Arrow Season 7 Episode 22 Recap

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Arrow Season 7 finale Recap

Arrow Season 7 finale. In the present day timeline, Oliver and the team work to stop Emiko and the 9th Circle from deploying their weapon against the city. In the future, the vigilantes try to find a way to disable the Archer program before GalaxyOne deploys zeta soldiers throughout the city. Finally, in the aftermath of the battles, a surprise guest changes the game for our heroes.

Present Day

Arrow Season 7 Episode 22 Recap

Though they’re the city’s most wanted, Oliver and Team Arrow work to stop Emiko and the 9th Circle from deploying the aerosol weapon throughout the city. When Felicity is alerted to a bomb scare and building evacuation, the team moves out, but they’re too late. Emiko releases drones that target citizens, spraying the weapon in their faces, killing the citizens. Oliver uses cold arrows to neutralize the agent and take out the drones.

With Curtis, Laurel, and Turner on their side, the teams moves on the Palmer Tech building–formerly Queen Consolidated–where the 9th Circle grows impatient with Emiko’s stalling. The team takes out the detonator as Oliver faces Emiko. Oliver tells Emiko that every bad thing that has happened in both of their lives is the result of Emiko letting their father die. Oliver, however, believes they are better than that. Oliver gives Emiko an opportunity to turn away from the 9th Circle and toward redemption. Virgil and Beatrice attack Emiko and Oliver, killing Emiko in the confrontation.

Emiko’s dying words to Oliver are to take his family and hide, because the 9th Circle knows all about Felicity and the baby. Oliver tells the team that he and Felicity are going away for a time. They retire to the cabin where Mia is born and the pair adjust to a quiet life.

The Future

Arrow Season 7 Episode 22 Recap

Conner saves the arrested vigilantes in the bunker and Zoey saves Will and Rene from GalaxyOne. The whole group reconvenes and plans to strike at the Archer program that night, since GalaxyOne is deploying their zeta soldiers into Star City. In order to shut down Archer, Mia needs to upload a virus, but the plan only causes Archer to reboot, not go offline. Mia scales the wall between The Glades and Star City and destroys the tower where the Archer program is located.

With Archer disabled, the older generation passes the duties associated with being Star City’s protectors to the younger ones. Felicity tells Mia and Will to take care of one another. She is going away and not coming back.


Arrow Season 7 Episode 22 Recap

Just as Oliver and Felicity are talking about seeking custody of Will again in the present day, the Monitor calls on Oliver. As Oliver had bargained in this season’s “Elseworlds” event, the Monitor needs him to come along and prepare the multiverse for the Crisis to come. The Monitor reveals to Oliver that he will die during the Crisis. With the fate of all life on all worlds at stake, Oliver says goodbye to Felicity and Mia and goes with the monitor.

In the future, Felicity meets the Monitor on the road out of Star City. The Monitor tells her there is no returning from where they are going. Felicity has done as she promised and protected Mia and Will until they no longer need her protection. She’s waited a long time to see “him”. The Monitor opens a portal and he and Felicity step through.

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