Cloak & Dagger Season 2 Episode 7 Recap


Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

Tandy is trapped at the Viking Motel with the other abducted girls in Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 7. Andre and Lia use a combination of lies, drugs, and despair to keep the girls from trying to leave the motel. Tandy tries to resist, but without hope she is unable to summon her daggers and fight back. Trying to run only reveals just how well the motel’s layout and Andre’s mind games work to keep the girls prisoner.

Johnson Family

Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

Ty searches for Tandy, starting with Andre’s office. Andre catches Ty there and uses Ty’s feelings of despair to convince him to stop looking for Tandy. If Andre can convince Tandy that no one is looking for her and can convince Ty that she’s not worth looking for, then he can keep them apart.

In the record store, Mayhem sees Andre using the records to influence Ty and Tandy. When Andre is away, Mayhem slips in and changes the record. First, she shows Ty a vision of a bus full of little ballerinas. When Ty leaves the bus, Mayhem sends him a number of ambulances. Ty pieces together that Tandy was abducted by one of the ambulances and uses his powers to go after her.

Back at the Johnson house, Adina questions Connors about Billy’s death. She is torn between two forces. On the one hand, she wants justice for Billy. On the other, she needs to clear Ty’s name and keep him safe. Questioning Connors is the only way to determine his value to either, so she can decide what to do with him.

Becoming Loa

Andre draws the veve he sees on the record store door and uses Ty’s memories to seek out Auntie Fusilier. He tells her that he is seeking a way to get rid of his migraine pain. She reads him and says that he is on the path to godhood, and that his pain is a part of the process. If he can figure out the meanings of the symbols in the veve, then he will have the key to unlock that door. But, she offers another possibility. He could walk away. Based on what she sees when she enters the record store, she believes Andre does nothing but spread pain and misery. What kind of a god would he be?


Tandy is drugged for attempting to run away from the motel. She is numb, physically and mentally. Lia dresses Tandy for business that night while Del applies Tandy’s makeup. Tandy continues to try and reason with Del that they should leave, but Del says that the lucky ones who leave get arrested. The unlucky ones get killed. Tandy reveals that the latest shipment of girls who failed to arrive weren’t killed, they were rescued by Tandy and Ty.

In the record store, Mayhem begins smashing records and changes the song. The result is Ty stealing an ambulance and going after Tandy. The girls at the motel feel the change as well. Del steals a smart phone and confirms what Tandy said, calling out Lia for lying. Del also learns that her mother hasn’t given up looking for her. She’s been posting flyers and in chat rooms. Del has hope and starts to fight back.

That hope is the spark that Tandy needs to summon her daggers. She tears through the motel from one direction, freeing the girls and fighting off their clients while Ty does the same from the other end of the motel. The two meet in the middle, glad to have found one another again. Ty, however, collapses, waves of darkness rolling off of him. He is unresponsive as Tandy calls his name.

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