Cloak & Dagger Season 2 Episode 6 Recap


Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

Cloak & Dagger Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

Cloak & Dagger Season 2 Episode 6 continues Tandy’s dream story from the previous episode. After being abducted by Lia and kept sedated in the back of one of the ambulances trafficking young women, Tandy told a story during Ty’s graduation party, which framed the episode. This week, someone is at the record store Tandy encountered in the darkness, where the missing women were represented on the various albums. The mysterious person plays records that pertain to Tandy’s life, with Tandy finding herself in a different version of her life each time the record is changed.

Everyone Loves a Story

Tandy’s visions begin at the graduation party, which represents the best version of what he life might have been. In this scenario, Ty and Billy are stopped by Connors on the dock, but instead of Connors shooting Billy, they are distracted by Tandy and her father crashing into the wter. Ty jumps in after them, saving Tandy’s life. Connors takes Ty under his wing and helps him join the NOPD, while Tandy’s parents come together after the accident, their relationship stronger than ever. Tandy has become a professional dancer at the New York City Ballet. When Tandy and Ty go out for ice, they are shot at in the convenience store. The two touch, and Tandy is thrown into a different scenario.

This time, Tandy is an engineer for Roxxon, who got her position because of her father. She is flown out to the rig, where Mina berates Tandy for being a corporate spy. Ty is a worker on the rig, having gotten his job through his brother, also a rig worker. Ty was the first to notice the dangerous heat and pressure readings on the rig. While arguing with Mina about the readings, alarms go off and the rig becomes unstable. Mina is trapped beneath debris when Ty and Tandy touch, causing an explosion. Tandy summons a dagger to cut Mina free.

In the real world, a dagger appears in Tandy’s hand. Lia gives her more of the sedative.

Next, Tandy poses as an activist looking for signatures on a petition to save the shore birds that are disappearing because of Roxxon. She uses the cover to steal her ex-boyfriend’s wallet. When Tandy is identified, she runs into Ty attempting to steal a car radio. Tandy car jacks Ty, forcing him to drive her away from the pursuing cops. While on the road, Tandy fights back against the sedative, spying a mysterious figure across her various visions.

In the real world, Lia asks Andre how Tandy can be so strong to keep fighting. Andre says that everyone has a breaking point and Tandy is about to reach hers.

I Came To That Same Conclusion

Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

In the record store, Andre puts on a record titled “Jam Session”. Tandy is thrown between the various scenarios, fighting against them until she comes face-to-face with Andre in the record store. Andre recounts how he suffered from headaches so bad that he jumped from a tower in order to kill himself just to get some relief. Instead, the Roxxon rig exploded, giving Andre the ability to steal hope from others, using their pain to relieve his own. Tandy fights back by driving her dagger through the record.

Tandy wakes in what she believes to be the real world. Lia an Andre have ditched the ambulance. Tandy goes back to the church for Ty, who calls Brigid. Brigid brings police back up to try and stop Andre and Lia from fleeing, but Tandy wants to go after them herself. Ty teleports them to Andre’s office, where Tandy tries to stop him. Andre tells Tandy it’s no good, he’s been inside her head. She’s worthless, with no one to love her. Tandy says she has one person. Andre says he’s seen that, and shoots Ty, killing him.

Back in the record store, Andre tells Tandy–who is cradling Ty’s body–that everyone she touches she hurts. Andre tells her to give up the fight. Tandy hands him her dagger, which disappears. Like the girls Tandy and Ty freed, Tandy sits alone in the darkness, without hope.

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