The Flash Season 5 Episode 20 Recap


The Flash Season 5 Episode 20 Recap

The Flash Season 5 Episode 20 Recap

Nora’s back in 2019 and breaking the law in this week’s The Flash Season 5 Episode 20. Barry and Iris say they are resolute in embracing Nora and bringing her back into the family and the team at Star Labs, but Barry continues to have issues trusting Nora after she has been working with Thawne. Meanwhile, Ralph accompanies Caitlin to her father’s arctic lab to investigate a break in.

The Book of Ralph

The Flash Season 5 Episode 20 Recap

Investigating a break in alarm, Ralph accompanies Caitlin to her father’s lab. Ralph tries to use humor to help Caitlin with the grief of losing her father, but it’s Killer Frost who is having the worst of it. Caitlin puts the focus back on Ralph. Cisco has assembled Ralph’s book on life and love advice, but Ralph seems to be shying away from taking his own advice. Ralph tells Caitlin that he’s not made for love. Turning back to the matter at hand, the pair discover that Cicada has stolen vials of Cisco’s prototype metahuman cure.

Young Rogues

The Flash Season 5 Episode 20 Recap

Nora has a plan to break into McCulloch Tech and steal a bunch of experimental weapons, but the building is equipped with a metahuman power dampener. In order to pull of the heist, she recruits a group of technology powered villains to help her. First, the group needs Cisco to hack a hypnotizing phone from the Starchives. The group steals the phone and grabs Cisco, but Cisco wasn’t alone. With Nora telling the group that killing is not allowed, they have no choice but to bring the captive Sherloque with them.

While held hostage, Sherloque suggests that Cisco hasn’t told his girlfriend about his abilities because Cisco isn’t entirely sure that he wants them. Sherloque cites the fact that Cisco was without his powers for a time and has been working diligently on the cure since getting them back. Cisco hacks the security on the phone, but the Young Rogues don’t release him and Sherloque. The two use Cisco’s hacking of the phone to get free and Cisco teleports the bees guarding them away, allowing the two to escape back to Star Labs.

A Matter Of Trust

The Flash Season 5 Episode 20 Recap

Iris and Cecile determine that Nora is going to steal the weapons from McCulloch Tech. Barry thinks that Nora is going to try and find a weapon that can kill Cicada. Barry can’t bring himself to trust Nora because she is working with Thawne and because when he confronted her, Nora’s red eyes and negative speed force powers reminded him too much of Thawne. Nora insists that Thawne is trying to help Nora and that she’s still their daughter. Even though they might not like the source of the plan, they need to gete on board with Nora.

Once the Young Rogues break into the lab, they turn on Nora, who is powerless with the metahuman dampener in place. Team Flash has used a little technical trickery of their own and battle the villains. Barry leaps in front of a bolt from Weather Witch, saving Nora. The bolt ricochets off of Barry and into the dampener, destroying it. In flashtime, Barry apologizes and reconnects with Nora, saying he’ll never leave her again. The speedsters, their powers back, round up and capture the Young Rogues.

The team reconvenes at Star Labs. They deduce that Cicada is going to use the prototype cure and the atomizer she stole in the previous episode to create a biological weapon that will kill all the metahumans in Central City. Nora stole a gun from McCulloch Tech, not to kill Cicada, but to destroy her dagger, as Thawne instructed. While Barry will never trust Thawne, he recognizes that Thawne’s plan is their best chance to stop Cicada before she wipes out all the metahumans.

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