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Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 13 Recap

With Neron vanquished, the team takes it easy on this week’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 13. When an alert comes in from New York City in 1933, Sara and Ava use the opportunity to send Nate and Zari out together, wagering on whether the two will hook up or not before the mission ends. Sara and Ava use the downtime for a book club meeting. Mick and Charlie head to RomantiCon to collect $20,000 for Charlie to come out as Mick’s alter-ego and pen name Rebecca Silver.

No Time For Love Dr. Jones

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 13 Recap

Nate and Zari head to the Adventurer’s Society to investigate the alert. The two are dressed as and using the aliases Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. and Marion Ravenwood. The McGuffin in question is a golden egg found in the arctic. However, upon retrieving the egg, the two discover it is a fake. The pair decide that this was an elaborate set up by Sara and Ava to get the two to go out on a first date. However, when Nazis show up to steal the egg, the two call Sara and learn that this is a real mission and that those are real Nazis after them. Sara and Ava arrive to help set things straight while Nate goes back to the ship to check on Ray, who has been acting weird lately.

Book Club

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 13 Recap

Ava asks Sara to join her at her book club meeting. That means that Sara has to stop and read the selected book. Instead, Sara listens to the audio book as she exercises, only because how much it means to Ava. When Sara arrives at the book club meeting of a comatose Nora, Ava, and Mona, Mona gets an alert that author Rebecca Silver is going to identify herself at RomantiCon, leaving Sara and Ava to discuss the book. Ava confesses that she didn’t read the book, she just uses the time to sit with Mona and drink wine while Mona rambles on about the book.

Luckily for them, Sara did read the book. She identifies the person who switched the egg at the Society because it is similar to the plot of the book. Sara says it’s always the doormat that everyone mistreats who does the betrayal, which is revisited later in the episode.


Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 13 Recap

Mick has a laundry basket full of fan mail for Rebecca Silver, his pen name. In the pile, Charlie finds an invitation to RomantiCon, with an offer of $20,000 for Rebecca Silver if she’ll out herself during the convention’s Q&A panel and book signings. Charlie and Mick concoct a plan to have Charlie pose as Rebecca so they can collect the pay day. However, Mick has to train Charlie in the books, stating that this isn’t just a lark to him.

Mona arrives during the Q&A and recognizes Charlie. she outs Charlie as a fraud in front of the attendees. The room starts chanting, causing Mona to start to transform. Mick intervenes and answers Mona’s question, outing himself as Rebecca Silver, to applause.


Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 13 Recap

Neron is trying to possess Ray. If Ray will submit without a fight, then no one else has to get hurt. If not, then Neron will force Ray to kill someone he loves, making it possible for Neron to steal Ray’s soul. Ray tries to fight off Neron’s influence while Constantine is away searching for items needed to wake Nora from her coma. That leaves Gary as the only one available to help Ray.

Neron’s influence grows, leading Ray to nearly kill Gary. the problem is that Ray likes Gary, but doesn’t love him. Gary becomes depressed. No one loves him. He’s the doormat for the Legends and the Time Bureau. Neron uses those feelings to influence Gary as well.

Nate returns to the ship to check on Ray. Possessed, Ray attacks Nate and is in a position to kill him. Ray stops Neron by giving up control so long as Neron doesn’t hurt Nate. Neron agrees to the deal, taking full control. When Constantine arrives and wakes Nora, she tells him to stop Neron, but it is too late by the time Constantine finds Ray. Constantine tries to hold Neron until Gary can bring Constantine what he needs to banish the demon. But, Neron has other plans. Neron offers Gary a gift in exchange for siding with him — Gary’s missing nipple. Gary accepts Neron’s offer and the two escape.

Back at the Bureau, Ava tells Nora that the agents are no match for Neron. Ava deputizes Nora as a Bureau agent and asks her help in defeating Neron and freeing Ray.

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