Doom Patrol Episode 11 Recap


Doom Patrol Episode 11 Recap

Doom Patrol Episode 11 Recap

After two episodes dealing with the same events told first from Cliff and Jane’s perspectives, then from Vic and Rita’s perspectives, Doom Patrol Episode 11 opens with what Larry experienced when the negative spirit left his body in order to connect Cliff and Jane’s minds. Larry and John are at a secluded motel in California, where they experience a night together. John says they’ve never been here before, so it’s not a memory. He mentions that maybe he’s died and whatever this is could be an afterlife. Whatever it is, the two are grateful to enjoy it together. Larry tells John that he loves him, but before he can say more, the negative spirit awakens Larry now that Cliff and Jane are back


Doom Patrol Episode 11 Recap

Cliff overhears on the TV that Bump has been killed and eaten by a legendary alligator in the Florida swamp near his bar. That leaves Clara all alone again. Rita suggests that Cliff go to her. Cliff asks one of Jane’s others — Flit — to teleport him to Florida. Though Jane refuses, Flit grabs both Cliff and Rita and drops them off outside Salty Bump’s. Cliff is anxious about introducing himself to Clara after 30 years. While Rita enjoys a basket of chicken with one of the locals, Cliff tries to work up the courage to talk to Clara. Before he can, Clara is asked to give a speech in Bump’s honor. Clara says that Bump didn’t have to take her in and raise her, but he did. When she turned 18, they made it official by Bump adopting Clara. In return, Clara gave Bump one of her father’s watches that she had inherited. She had it inscribed to read “To Dad. You’re My Hero.” Bump was wearing the watch when he was eaten by Frances the alligator.

Cliff decides that if he can get teh watch back from the belly of the beast, then somehow everything will be okay between him and Clara. So, he drags Rita into the swamp, where the two search for hours for Frances, to no avail. Cliff is resigned to the fact that the only way he can reconnect with Clara is by talking to her when Frances appears and lunges at Cliff. Cliff gets the watch and returns it to Clara without saying a word to her.

Moon River

Doom Patrol Episode 11 Recap

Larry begs the negative spirit to take him back to the motel. Instead, Larry finds himself in a bar. John welcomes Larry, but Larry is still uncomfortable. This isn’t what he wanted. He wanted the motel, where he and John can be alone. John says that Larry is still worried about what other people think about him. He says that the world has changed but Larry not only hasn’t changed with it, but seems incapable of change. John cites a bar not too far from his home in Erie, Pennsylvania as proof. The two argue but John walks away, saying he doesn’t want to spend his last days like this. Larry wakes, confused. What did John mean? Looking around the room, he finds that the negative spirit has spelled out the word “Erie” in post it notes on the wall.

Larry travels to John’s home in Erie. John is on hospice. He has no one but his nurse. John says that he caught a fever a week ago and thought he was dying, but it was the shared dreams with Larry. He hoped to see Larry one more time. Larry carries John from his bed to the porch, where the two sit in the sun and share stories about their lives. Larry admits that he hasn’t really lived since he pushed John away. John says that it was hard, but he got over Larry and moved on with his life. Larry should, too. As the two sit and hold hands, John passes away. Larry thanks the negative spirit for convincing him to come and be with John one last time.


Doom Patrol Episode 11 Recap

After Grid took control and caused Vic’s arm cannon to fire, Vic has turned off his Grid software. Vic is alarmed to learn that since his reboot he is becoming more machine and less human. On their trip to find Dolores, the wife of Flex Mentallo, the missing character from the comic book that Danny the Street gave Vic, Vic tells Jane that he had to shut off that part of himself because he was losing control to something dangerous inside himself. Jane says that’s how she feels all the time, but doesn’t have the luxury of turning herself off.

A couple pass by, arguing. The guy gets rough with the woman, and Jane pursues them across the park. Vic is approached by a woman he presumes is Dolores, who tells Vic to look at her elbow, where she has a device that blast Vic with light. The man turns on Jane and attempts the same, but Jane overpowers him. He runs, escaping into a van. Vic is missing.

When Vic awakens, he is bound to a chair. Darren Jones has Vic in the Bureau of Normalcy’s black ops site.

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