Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 10 Recap


Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 10

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Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 10 Recap

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 10 has the Legends head to the White House in 1973 after viewing footage of President Nixon coming clean with the press about being a crook. Meanwhile, with Director Sharpe on a leave of absence, Hank is calling the shots at the Time Bureau. He and Nate go to apprehend the Legends as Zari attempts to run interference after setting Gary to decoding the data from Hank’s phone. In over his head, Gary turns to Nora Darhk for help.

The Truth Hurts

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 10

The Legends intercept Nixon at Walter Reed Hospital. Charlie is left to impersonate the abducted president when the Legends have to make a quick getaway once Hank confiscates the Waverider. The team steals an RV and makes a road trip to Disney World to get Nixon to his press conference. Along the way, Sara turns to Constantine to figure out what’s gotten into the president… literally.

Constantine summons a roach from out of Nixon’s mouth. Constantine identifies the roach as an agent of the Egyptian goddess of truth, Ma’at, which feeds on lies and forces the host to only speak the truth. Sara places Mona in charge of the bug, relying on Mona’s experience with magical creatures at the Time Bureau. Mona tries to tell Sara about what happened last week between her and Konane, when the kaupe was killed, but Sara is distracted by her own issues with Ava.

Mona pokes a hole in the lid of the jar holding the bug, which is all the roach needs to escape. When the Legends are pulled over by the police, Ray tries to come up with a plausible excuse for his erratic driving, but the roach enters Ray. The police officer find the truth even more unbelievable than Ray’s made up story, so he calls it in, which Hank intercepts.

The bug flies back and forth between the Legends, causing each to tell uncomfortable truths. Sara lashes out at Mona, saying that Sara and Ava’s issues are Mona’s fault. Upset, Mona leaves the RV and heads to a diner to eat and figure out what to do next. While at the diner, a group of Time Bureau agents enter and speak ill of Konane, which causes Mona to confront them, transforming into the were-kaupe.

Sara and Constantine reach the diner. Sara apologizes to Mona for the way she acted and what she said to Mona. Sara tells Mona that it’s ok to let her feelings out and that Sara will be there for Mona from now on.

A New Partnership

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 10

While Nate goes with his father to chase the Legends, Zari poses as a disc jockey and tells the Legends how to avoid their pursuers. When Gary and Nora need information to access Hank’s secret e-mail server, Nate asks his father about Hank’s childhood. Hank and Nate bond on the road, until Hank gets an alert from Necron that someone accessed Hank’s e-mails.

Hank feeds Nate false information about a roadblock, then hears Zari give instructions to the Legends over the radio. Hank and Nate manage to catch the Legends in the RV. The truth bug enters Nate, who comes clean with his father about a lot of things. Yes, Nate is helping the Legends. Yes, Nate loves his father, and yes, Nate loves working beside his father. However, Nate can hardly look at his father with all the lies between them. Hank agrees to release the Legends and work with Nate from now on, even though he can’t tell Nate what he’s been working on or with whom.

Back at the Bureau, Hank tells Necron that he’s done doing the demon’s work. Hank is working with Nate from now on. Necron kills Hank. Nora feels Necron’s power and escapes her cell to try and help Hank. Nate enters and finds Nora with Hank’s lifeless body. Nate has agents surround Nora, but she casts a spell and disappears.

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