Miracle Workers Episode 6 Recap


Miracle Workers Episode 6 Recap

Miracle Workers Episode 6 Recap

In the previous episode of Miracle Workers, God signed a death waiver which permitted Sa’s nana to live for an extra 100 days. Meanwhile, Rosie helped the team get Sam and Laura to kiss. What does this next installment have in store? Let’s find out as we recap Miracle Workers Episode 6 “1 Day”!

Sporting Event

Miracle Workers Episode 6

With only 14 hours remaining before the Earth was set to explode, God was getting ready to present his restaurant plan to his parents. He was hoping to get some start-up funding for his restaurant, Lazy Susans. God returned to his childhood home and pretended to have a business phone-call when his parents answered the door. His parents welcomed him warmly into their home. Back in Heaven, the team was excited as they had managed to get Laura and Sam on a date to the movie theater, the couple were going to see a documentary about the sewer system. Meanwhile with God, his siblings explained the perfect state that their planets were in and God began to pitch his restaurant. Back with the kiss team, the group found out that there was a basketball game in Sam and Laura’s town that night; so they got the couple to go to it and planned to get them on the kiss cam.

Funding Issues

Miracle Workers Episode 6

God continued to explain his restaurant to his dumb-founded parents. God’s parents discussed what to do in private, they decided not to support Lazy Susans. After a fire was started at the movie theater, Sam decided to take Laura to the basketball game. In Heaven, Craig pointed out the minuscule chance that Sam and Laura would be picked for the kiss-cam, so Eliza set to work eliminating all of the other couples who were attending the game. Sam and Laura arrived at the game and found it sparsely attended. They quickly began to bond over their shared lack of knowledge about basketball. After attempting to physically dismantle the kiss-cam, Craig was locked into a supply closet.   Back with God, his parents explained that they didn’t think he could handle operating a restaurant. His parents agreed to fund the restaurant, but his siblings explained how God’s other endeavors had failed.

Unintentional Murder

Miracle Workers Episode 6

After nearly kissing of their own volition, the kiss-cam highlighted Sam and Laura and they got extremely nervous. Eliza quickly realized that Craig was correct about the kiss-cam. After the mascot got involved, Eliza burst his appendix and the crowd began to accuse Sam of killing the mascot. With God, his parents got angry after God explained the animals he had created on the planet. His parents got the angriest when they learned that God had given the humans free will. God defended his decision. Meanwhile, Sam and Laura left the basketball arena and argued over whether or not they wanted the date to end. God strode into the room and announced that we was going to prevent the Earth from blowing up.

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