Doom Patrol Episode 5 Recap


Doom Patrol Episode 5

Doom Patrol Episode 5 Recap

The apocalypse is upon us in Doom Patrol episode five. The people of Cloverton have gathered to stare at the giant eye in the sky. Ezekiel the cockroach is prophesying about the end of days. When the local news crew shows up, the De-Creator begins blinking people out of existence, creating a panic among all… all except one lady who has a mission.

I Promised to Protect Him

Doom Patrol Episode 5

Vic and the others ask Kip what they can do to stop the end of the world. Kip tells them that once the De-Creator is summoned, that’s it. It’s just a matter of time before the world is destroyed. Rita decides to spend her final moments with Elliot. She finds him sitting alone, the words read and gone from his body, staring up at the eye in the sky. Elliot blames himself for the destruction and says that Rita should have killed him or let him kill himself. Rita tells Elliot that the world is mostly garbage anyhow, and she wasn’t going to kill him in order to save it. Rita suggests that if this is the end, then they should do something special. Whatever Elliot wants to do, they’ll go do it. Before Elliot can speak, the De-Creator blinks him out of existence.

What Peace Nothingness Brings

Doom Patrol Episode 5

Cliff and Jane–whose true self is a scared little girl named Kay–have no luck in Nurnheim. The two wander the streets, bickering. Frustrated, Cliff throws a snowball that impacts on the interior of the snow globe that they are trapped in. The Archon tells them that from Nurnheim, they can watch the rest of the world disappear around them, with Nurnheim the last the De-Creator will eliminate .

The Apocalypse Makes for Strange Bedfellows

Doom Patrol Episode 5

Mr. Nobody is mad that the De-Creator is going to destroy the world, robbing Nobody of his conquest. The Chief tells Nobody that there is one way to stop the De-Creator, but they’ll have to work together. The De-Creator exists only because of the deep, unwavering faith of the Cult of the Unwritten Book. In order to defeat it and save the world for Nobody to conquer, they’ll need to go back in time and engineer a different cult to summon the Re-Creator. They’re going to need just the right charismatic leader and the right minds open to influence.

Dance Like There’s a Giant Eye in the Sky Watching You

Doom Patrol Episode 5

Nobody goes back in time to 1977 and gives the Dr. Harrison personality of Jane’s the mission of starting the Cult of the Rewritten Book in the psych hospital where she is being tortured. In the present, The Chief works with Kip and the team to find the Rewritten Book before the De-Creator finishes destroying the world. The team arrives at the house where the book lives, but the guy inside isn’t the book. The reason is because back in 1977, the patients that Jane converted into cultists decided that it would be better if the book was a dog and the writing hidden from its enemies until a bell sounds and the words are revealed.

The lady from the episode open is one of the cultists. Upon seeing the eye of the De-Creator, she travels from New Jersey to Barcelona, cuts open and crawls inside the priest who serves as the gate to Nurnheim, and winds up in the snow globe. There, she reminds Jane of her mission. The lady creates a diversion so that Dr. Harrison and Cliff can ring the bell in the Nurnheim bell tower, shattering the snow globe and summoning the eye of the Re-Creator, who puts everything back the way it was.

You Told Me I Could Say Goodbye

Doom Patrol Episode 5

The Chief’s deal with Nobody is completed and it’s time for him to say goodbye and go back to Nobody’s dimension. Vic protests, pulling his arm cannon out. Nobody slows time in order to whisk The Chief away, which causes Vic’s arm cannon to overheat and explode. In spite of Vic’s protests, Cliff pushes Vic’s call for help button, sending an S.O.S. to Silas.

In the past, Nobody gives Dr. Harrison one final mission. After the De-Creator has been handled, she is to seek out the Doom Patrol.

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