Doom Patrol Episode 3 Recap


Doom Patrol Episode 3

Doom Patrol Episode 3 Recap

The team continues their search for The Chief in Doom Patrol episode 3. Jane hangs missing person flyers around town, with a screaming mob behind her, shouting that she and the freaks at the edge of town brought all of this destruction down on them. Back at the manor, Cliff and Rita search The Chief’s office for any clues on where to find The Chief or how to deal with Mr. Nobody. They come across a photo of the donkey that was taken in Paraguay in 1948. At the same time, Vic turns up information regarding Nobody’s identity.

Worst Road Trip Ever

Doom Patrol Episode 3

Vic calls a team meeting. He identifies Nobody as Eric Morden, a member of the Brotherhood of Evil, a gang of super-villains from the 1930s. He tries to rally the team to go to Paraguay and search for The Chief, but either they don’t take him seriously (Cliff and Jane) or don’t believe that they are the right people for the job (Larry and Rita). Reminds them how The Chief saved each of them; they owe him and they’re the best that The Chief has right now.

Vic calls his father in order to have the STAR Labs private jet sent for them, but Silas has cut Vic off. If Vic wants to step out on his own, then he’s going to have to do this without the STAR Labs jet or credit account. This is Vic’s mission, not STAR Lab’s. So, the team is forced to take the bus on a two week road trip to Paraguay.

“I Think He May Be Trying To Kill Me”

Doom Patrol Episode 3

Along the way, Larry bickers with and tries to control the negative spirit residing inside him. The spirit lashes out by disabling the bus. Stranded nowhere near Paraguay, Larry asks Jane how she controls all of her different personalities. Jane says she doesn’t try to control them. She respects each’s right to exist, which is how they co-habitate. As if to prove her point, Flit teleports Jsne, Larry, and Cliff to Paraguay, leaving Vic and Rita behind.

In Paraguay, the group comes upon a tourist who is headed to visit Von Fuchs, the scientist who changed Morden into Nobody. In Fuchtopia, the group is greeted by one of a series of drones, who leads them to a puppet show detailing Von Fuchs’s life and work. On the night that Nobody was born, The Chief broke into Von Fuchs’s lab and stole the satchel containing whatever Morden had offered as payment for the procedure.

Larry makes his way to the interdimensional chamber, hoping to find his better self. Throughout the episode, Larry has been pulled between two worlds. His lover and his wife. His job and running away from it all. His own self and the negative spirit. Inside the chamber, Larry is confronted with the truth that every bad relationship and situation he has found himself in has been his own fault.


Doom Patrol Episode 3

Jane offers to make a deal with Von Fuchs as a way to try and get more information about The Chief. She offers her blood, containing the DNA of all 64 personalities and their abilities. She is taken to the puppet theater, where Von Fuchs is kept alive inside of a box. He is her shadow side. The trauma that caused her to split was created by unscrupulous scientists; Von Fuchs is such a scientist. While Jane is many personalities in one body, Von Fuchs is one mind in many bodies, having direct control over the drones that operate Fuchtopia.

Jane and Cliff fight their way through the drones, killing Von Fuchs and saving Larry. Cliff is stunned at the death and destruction he wrought, to the point that he crumples a piece of paper he found in The Chief’s office that had Claire’s phone number written on it. Cliff suggests they search the lab, but Jane torches the place instead.

The Bail Out

Doom Patrol Episode 3

Vic and Rita meet Cliff, Jane, and Larry on their way back to town. Silas offered the STAR Labs jet to Vic. On the flight back, Silas tells Vic that his father will always be there to bail him out. Vic cuts off his father’s call, wrestling with the burden of becoming his own man and his place in a world full of metahuman super heroes.

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