The Umbrella Academy Episode 10 Recap


The Umbrella Academy Episode 10

The Umbrella Academy Episode 10 Recap

The Umbrella Academy episode 10 opens with a younger version of Hargreeves and his dying wife. She asks him to bring her violin to her. She wants him to take it with him and give it to someone who will love it as much as she did. This is the violin that the young Vanya took up to show that she is extraordinary in some way. It’s the violin she will play tonight to end the world.

“Yes, Miss Vanya, I Knew”

The Umbrella Academy Episode 10

Vanya walks though the Academy, bringing the building down behind her. The siblings scramble out, aided by Pogo who holds up Vanya. Vanya asks if Pogo knew about her powers and what her father did to her. Pogo admits that he did, which leads Vanya to kill him.

The siblings get out of the building, but Mom was not so lucky. Diego and Klaus go to find her, but they are tripped up. As the ceiling collapses, Ben grabs Diego and drags him to safety. Klaus takes the credit for saving his brother’s life.

Outside, Five produces tomorrow’s newspaper. The headline hasn’t changed. The apocalypse is still on for today.

“We All Have A Past”

The Umbrella Academy Episode 10

Handler tells Hazel and Cha Cha that they’ve messed up, but they have one more chance to set things right. Protect Vanya and make sure the end of the world takes place. In exchange, Hazel and Agnes can retire to a simple life whenever and wherever they want. Cha Cha will get a new partner and be able to continue on the job. Cha Cha is eager for the opportunity, but Hazel sees through the offer. Handler is going to leave them to die.

Hazel gets rid of Cha Cha in a car crash, then heads back to the bed and breakfast. He shoots Handler, grabs her briefcase, and teleports away with Agnes.

Super Star

The Umbrella Academy Episode 10

The siblings meet t the Super Star bowling alley to discuss how to stop Vanya. Luther says that they need to be prepared to kill her in order to save the world, but the others argue that they have to save her, not kill her. Klaus comes clean about Ben saving Diego, but is unable to make Ben appear. Allison borrows Luther to call Claire and tell her that she loves her, which Luther uses as his chance to tell Allison how he feels about her.

Agents of The Commission arrive and shoot up the bowling alley in an attempt to stop the Hargreeves. The siblings escape down the lanes, past the pins, and out the back.

The End Of The World As We Know It

The Umbrella Academy Episode 10

Everyone meets up at the Icarus Theater, where Vanya plays first chair violin. Allison tries to approach Vanya, the two smiling at one another, but Diego and Luther rush her from either side of the stage. Vanya blasts them away, causing havoc. Additional agents arrive, pinning down he siblings as Vanya plays on. Klaus conjures Ben, who uses his tentacles to dispatch the agents.

The group has one last chance to stop Vanya. They agree to a suicide mission. they’ll rush Vanya from every side, hoping that one of them can get to her and stop her. Vanya grabs the guys with her powers, allowing Allison to sneak up behind her with a gun. Instead of shooting her sister, Allison places the gun beside Allison’s ear and fires, causing her to drop the guys and discharge her energy into space.

Unfortunately, the energy beam strikes the moon, causing chunks to slam into the earth. The apocalypse still happens. Five has one final idea. This will always happen unless they can all go back in time and fix the situation with Vanya. Holding hands, the Hargreeves teleport away with Five into the past as the world is consumed in flames.

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