The Umbrella Academy Episode 9 Recap


The Umbrella Academy Episode 9

The Umbrella Academy Episode 9 Recap

We open The Umbrella Academy episode 9 with a young Vanya in 1993. She’s surly over having to eat her oatmeal for breakfast. The nanny tries to get Vanya to eat, but Vanya uses the sound of the whistling tea kettle to kill her nanny. After a series of different nannies who meet the same fate, Hargreeves builds Grace to serve as the children’s mother.

A Close Shave

The Umbrella Academy Episode 9

The guys get Allison back to the Academy in time to save her life, but she’s in need of blood. Grace is able to put Allison back together, but it is unknown whether Allison will be able to speak again. Luther stays by Allison’s side. He remembers how it felt to wake up alone to a world where you’re no longer the person you used to be. He promises to stay by her side so that Allison doesn’t have to wake up alone.

All of this is too much for Klaus. He looks for drugs to help him cope, even though Ben tries to talk Klaus out of it. Klaus gets a couple of pills in his mouth, but Ben punches them out of Klaus’s mouth. Stunned, Klaus asks Ben how he did that. Ben says he didn’t, Klaus did.

You’re A God

The Umbrella Academy Episode 9

Leonard gets a shell-shocked Vanya back to his house and cleans her up. They need to pack their things and get out of here before the rest of the family comes after them. Vanya doesn’t see that as a bad thing. She loves her family and wants to explain what happened to them. Leonard tells her that her family won’t see it that way. They hate her. He’s the only one who understands Vanya and accepts her for who she is.

Vanya finds Hargreeves’s journal and confronts Leonard about it. She accuses Leonard of manipulating her. Leonard says that everything she has and has become is because of him. Without him, she’s too weak and pathetic to realize her strength. Leonard continues to taunt, belittle, and antagonize Vanya until her powers take over and she kills Leonard.

Diego, Klaus, and Five find Leonard’s body. Five confirms that the prosthetic eye matches Leonard’s remaining good eye. Apocalypse averted.

You Two Idiots Have Certainly Screwed Things Up

The Umbrella Academy Episode 9

Hazel shows up at the Academy and offers to help Five stop the apocalypse now that he has something and someone to live for. Five tells Hazel that he was the last unaccounted-for wildcard. Now that Hazel is here, the apocalypse is cancelled. Hazel, relieved, returns to the bed and breakfast to find that Cha Cha has set up an elaborate system to boil Agnes alive in front of Hazel. The two assassins fight, with Cha Cha getting the upper hand and pulling the rope to kill Agnes. However, time pauses again. Handler enters the room with a briefcase and tells the two that they have royally screwed up.

Embrace Who We Are

The Umbrella Academy Episode 9

Allison awakens and write a note to Luther that Vanya has powers. When Vanya returns home to set things right, Luther embraces her, choking Vanya until she blacks out. Vanya awakens back in the soundproof chamber that Dad placed her in until he could control her. The rest, including Allison, tell Luther that this is wrong, but Luther doesn’t listen.

With the end of the world no longer a concern, Diego tries to move on now that his name is cleared with the police. Klaus and Ben attempt to master Klaus’s new ability. Five returns Dolores to the department store. Luther tries to comfort Allison, but she wants nothing to do with him after he locked up Vanya.

Vanya confronts her younger self in the reflection caught in the chamber’s window. Her younger self tells Vanya that her family hates her and will leave her here for the rest of her life because they’re afraid of all she is and all she can do. Using her heartbeat, Vanya gives in to her powers and blows the chamber apart.

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