The Umbrella Academy Episode 8 Recap


The Umbrella Academy Episode 8

The Umbrella Academy Episode 8 Recap

The Umbrella Academy episode 8 opens and ends with Allison. In the open, we flash back to Allison telling Claire a bedtime story about the Umbrella Academy thwarting a museum heist. Claire asks why Aunt Vanya is never in the stories. Allison says that Vanya isn’t like the rest of them. Claire wants another story and gets belligerent when Allison tells her no. To stop the tantrum, Allison uses her power to make Claire sleepy, which Patrick witnesses. Allison realizes that everything she’s every gotten in life has been because of her powers, which she refuses to use anymore.

There’s Always A Choice

The Umbrella Academy Episode 8

Klaus calls a family meeting with Luther and Five. He tells them that he spoke with Dad last night, who revealed that he committed suicide in order to bring the family back together to stop the end of the world. No one believes Klaus until Pogo confirms the truth. Luther lashes out, saying that he wants nothing to do with any of this or any of them anymore.

Diego returns from jail and tells the guys that Allison is in trouble. They found out that Leonard is Harold and Allison went ahead to try and save Vanya. That’s the catalyst that Luther needs to join his brothers and make the drive to the cabin to help Allison.


The Umbrella Academy Episode 8

Leonard voluntarily checks out of the hospital. Vanya asks the nurse about the guys from the fight outside the restaurant. The nurse says that two died on site and one is in critical condition. Leonard is thrilled that Vanya used her powers. Vanya is horrified that she hurt and killed people. Leonard explains to Vanya that when her emotions are high, her body converts the sounds around her into energy. Leonard helps Vanya focus her powers, growing frustrated when she chooses to practice her violin instead.

Come Hell Or High Water

The Umbrella Academy Episode 8

Hazel and Agnes get away from the city, but Hazel struggles both with the secret that the world is going to end in two days and knowing that Cha Cha won’t stop until she kills them. Hazel drops Agnes off at a bed and breakfast and tells her he has to go back and finish something, then he’ll be back for her and they can get away.

Back in the city, Cha Cha breaks into the closed donut shop. She finds a flyer for the bird sanctuary where Hazel and Agnes are heading. On her way out, Cha Cha blows up the donut shop.

A Day In The Life

The Umbrella Academy Episode 8

Allison is caught in traffic outside the restaurant when she see’s Vanya’s scarf on the scene. The police officer working the scene recognizes Allison as a movie star. She convinces him that she is researching a role and goes with the officer to question the victim in the hospital. The victim says that Leonard paid him and his buddies to rough up Leonard in front of his girlfriend. They got drunk and took it too far, then all hell broke loose.

I Heard A Rumor

The Umbrella Academy Episode 8

Allison rushes back to the cabin to warn Vanya about Leonard. Vanya won’t hear what Allison says, saying that she loves Leonard and no one has loved her before like he does. Vanya reveals her powers to Allison, who realizes that Hargreeves manipulated Allison when they were young to make Vanya think that she was ordinary. Furious that Allison did that to her, Vanya uses her abilities to threaten Allison. Resigned to what she must do to save her sister, Allison starts to use her power one more time. Allison says, “I heard a rumor”, but before she can finish, Vanya lashes out and cuts Allison’s throat.

Leonard returns and tells Vanya she only did what she had to do. He grabs Vanya and the two get away. The guys arrive and rush in, but it’s too late to save Allison. Luther cradles Allison as she dies.

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