The Umbrella Academy Episode 7 Recap


The Umbrella Academy Episode 7

The Umbrella Academy Episode 7 Recap

The Umbrella Academy episode 7 introduces us to Harold Jenkins. He was born on October 1, 1989, just like the 43 special children. However, Harold was delivered at 7am, not at noon. He was the product of a completely natural conception. He was regular in every way.

Harold’s mother died immediately after delivery. Harold was raised by a father who drank to excess and beat his son. Harold wanted to be like the Umbrella Academy kids who shared his birthday. He even cosplayed as one of them and tried to get them to let him live at the Academy, but Hargreeves turned him away. Heartbroken, when his father beat Harold that night, Harold killed his father with a hammer. He served 12 years before being released from prison. Still obsessed with the Academy, he was there the day that Klaus tossed out Hargreeves’s journal, which Harold recovered, learning all about Vanya and her dormant abilities.

The Simple Life

The Umbrella Academy Episode 7

Hazel and Cha Cha relive most of the the erased day the same way they lived it the first time. Hazel is ready to quit the job when he gets the message to kill Cha Cha. Like Hazel, Cha Cha refuses to kill her partner when Hazel talks about finding someone and settling down to live a simple life with. Cha Cha thinks he means her, and is furious when she uncovers that Hazel is in love with Agnes. She tells Hazel to just shoot her, otherwise she’ll find and kill him and Agnes. Hazel still can’t kill Cha Cha and walks away.

I Want What You’ve Got

The Umbrella Academy Episode 7

As before, Luther learns that his mission to the moon was a sham. Instead of Allison to pick him up this time, Klaus is the only one left in the house, who asks Luther to tie him up so he can get sober. Drunk, Luther lashes out at first, demanding to speak to Dad through Klaus, then falls into a sobbing depression. Luther says that he’s a terrible #1 and he wants to be more like Klaus… wild and carefree.

Klaus, going through withdrawal, searches for Luther before finding him at a dance club. Luther is high and having a great time. Klaus is overcome by the temptation, the lights, and the sound. When a group of guys go to pick a fight with Luther for dancing with one of the girls, Klaus intervenes and is killed, if only for a moment.

In the afterlife, Klaus meets God as an angry little girl. She tells Klaus that “he’s been waiting for you”. Klaus thinks she means Dave, but finds Dad waiting for him. Dad says that his death was his plan to bring the kids back together to stop the end of the world. Before Hargreeves can tell Klaus what he needs to do, Klaus is resuscitated.

We’ve Got To Stick Together

The Umbrella Academy Episode 7

Five, Diego, and Allison head to the police precinct to find out if they have a file on Harold Jenkins. Diego is tipped to the fact that the police suspect him in Patch’s murder. Allison recognizes from the file that Harold is Leonard. The three return to Leonard’s house, where they find a “murder shrine” dedicated to the Umbrella Academy in the attic.

Five is bleeding from a wound he suffered in the firefight at The Commission. Diego and Allison drag Five back to the Academy, where Diego sees Mom up and moving again. They place Five in her care while the two of them leave to check out the only other bit of information they have on Harold, his grandmother’ address. Outside, Diego is arrested while Allison drives alone to the house.

You Can’t Give Up That Easy

The Umbrella Academy Episode 7

Leonard takes Vanya to his grandmother’s cabin in the woods to help her learn how to use her powers. Vanya is still not convinced that her dormant abilities are real, and Leonard becomes increasingly frustrated with her for not taking his training sessions seriously enough. That evening, while the two are in town for dinner, a group of drunk guys grab at Vanya and severely beat Leonard. Overwhelmed, Vanya lets loose a bubble-like blast that throws the guys away from them.

While Five recovers at home, the prosthetic eyeball sitting on the nightstand, Vanya visits Leonard in the hospital. His right eye is bandaged.

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