Charmed Season 1 Episode 12 Recap


Charmed Season 1 Episode 12 Recap

Charmed Season 1 Episode 12 Recap

In the previous episode of The CW’s Charmed, Macy discovered that her parents brought her back from death. In Charmed season 1 episode 12, Macy and Harry searched for answers.

Cosmic Debt

Twenty-eight years ago, Marisol broke a necromancer out of Tartarus to bring Macy back. The condition was that Marisol had two years with Macy. Afterwards, she couldn’t see her or Macy would die. Harry warned her that necromancers were untrustworthy. However, Macy needed answers so she summoned the necromancer, Knansie.

Cyd, a witch, pursued Knansie. She sought revenge for turning her husband into a demon. Knansie denied it and explained that the Elders spread lies about necromancers. To protect Maggie, Macy threw Cyd out of a window and knocked her unconscious. Knansie bound her, but Cyd broke free.

Stoplight Party

Charmed Season 1 Episode 12 Recap


Lucy insisted that Maggie go to the Phi Delta stoplight party. Maggie was hesitant because Parker would be there. Lucy advised Maggie to wear green like her and hook up with someone new. At the party, Maggie talked to a few guys, but she realized she couldn’t be honest with them.

Cyd showed up in the bathroom with Maggie. Parker led Macy and Knansie to the bathroom to search for her. Cyd was going to drown her in an enchanted shower stall. When Macy almost killed her, Cyd let Maggie go and explained why she pursued Knansie.

Knansie had made a pact with a demon to keep her young. She would use demon blood in her necromancy. Her subjects became demons after Knansie brought them back.In a fight, Knansie struck Parker, not knowing he was half demon. It broke her pact, and she withered away. Unfortunately, the pact meant that Macy had demon blood in her. She made a deal with Julia to help save Parker and herself from demon blood. Unfortunately, we discovered Alistair was using Lucy to bring Maggie and Parker back together all along.


Charmed Season 1 Episode 12 Recap

Mel met with Niko at the coffee shop they used to go to together. Niko had felt drawn to it. She explained that she felt that being a detective wasn’t the right path for her so she became a P.I. to help people. When Mel blew her off at the end of the episode, we learned that Niko was researching magic and Mel’s scar.

“I Can’t Un-Know the Past”

Harry asked to see them and only Mel had shown up. When Harry tried to orb them back to the house to help Maggie and Macy, they ended up in Manchester, England. Harry confessed that his powers weren’t working because knowledge of his son’s existence meant his attention was divided. He couldn’t be their whitelighter anymore.

Mel decided to help him find his son. Harry was drawn to a church, and they found the christening record that named his wife, Clara, and his son, Carter. When Harry found Carter, he knew he couldn’t speak to him. He re-committed himself to the Charmed Ones, and his powers were back.

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