The Umbrella Academy Episode 6 Recap


The Umbrella Academy Episode 6

The Umbrella Academy Episode 6 Recap

The Umbrella Academy episode 6 shows us Klaus’s time in Vietnam. After opening the briefcase, he teleports into a barracks under attack. In the midst of the fighting, no one questions his appearance. During their tour, Klaus falls in love with Dave. Klaus follows Dave to the front lines, where Dave is shot and killed.

Family Meeting

The Umbrella Academy Episode 6

Luther calls a family meeting. He tells Allison, Diego, and Klaus that Hazel and Cha Cha are after Five because Five is trying to change the timeline by preventing the apocalypse. Allison asks what exactly Five saw in the future. Luther says that they banded together as a family and a team to stop whoever is responsible for the end of the world, but they died. Diego asks what Luther thinks is different this time. Luther says this time they have Five with them. Unfortunately, Five isn’t actually with them, though.

The following events take place during this episode following the family meeting:

  • Vanya learns that her mood controls things around her, like the weather, bending streetlights, etc. Leonard knew all about this dormant ability after reading about it in Hargreeves’s trashed journal. Leonard is manipulating Vanya. Vanya finds the journal under Leonard’s bed, reading her father’s notes.
  • Klaus has Diego tie him up so that he can get sober again in order to see Dave’s ghost. After a rough night, Klaus sees his former lover.
  • Luther learns that his four years on the moon were a lie. It was Father’s way of giving Luther some sort of purpose, by making him think that he was on a mission.
  • Allison confesses that she’s judged every man against Luther her whole life. The two share a dance and kiss. Allison says that without the whole team to stop the apocalypse, she’s going back to L.A. to be with her daughter to enjoy what time they have left and she invite Luther to join her. He accepts.
  • Diego find Mom working again. She says that she would like to go to the park. Diego states that Father never let her leave the property. She says that he’s no longer here. Diego walks with her to the park, where Mom reveals to him that she an Pogo have been lying to the kids all along.
  • Hazel and Cha Cha receive order for each to kill the other. Neither can go through with it.

The Commission

The Umbrella Academy Episode 6

Five is shown around The Commission’s headquarters, where he is assigned the role of case worker. Five is being watched carefully by Handler, who knows that Five will try to interfere with the apocalypse and save his family. Five learns who was assigned to his case. He learns the protocols for sending messages to hitmen throughout time. He discovers Handler’s weakness of taking war trophies from throughout time, even though she isn’t supposed to do so.

Five uses this information to put together a plan. He interferes with Dot’s case of protecting the apocalypse. He intercepts her note to Hazel and Cha Cha to protect someone named Harold Jenkins. In place of that assignment, Five types and send the assignments to Hazel and Cha Cha to kill one another. When Handler confronts him, Five uses one of the grenades from her office to blow up Handler and the pneumatic tube station. Five grabs a briefcase and uses another grenade to blow up the rest of the briefcases.

Family Meeting (Again)

The Umbrella Academy Episode 6

When Five opens the briefcase, everything that happened while he was away gets wiped away. All of the decisions made, all of the secrets reveals and fantasies fulfilled did not happen. At the family meeting, when Diego asks what is different this time in their attempt to stop the apocalypse, Five teleports in. They have three days to stop the end of the world, and they’re going to start by finding Harold Jenkins.

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