The Umbrella Academy Episode 4 Recap


The Umbrella Academy Episode 4

The Umbrella Academy Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4 of The Umbrella Academy kicks off 7 years ago. Luther is the only one of the children who stayed. He is lonely in the big house without his siblings. Hargreeves sends Number One out on a mission, but without any backup, it goes badly. Luther is badly injured and dies on the table at the Academy. Hargreeves has Pogo hand him a serum, which Dad injects into Luther’s burned chest. Luther is saved, but days later he discovers the cost of his survival. His body has become chimp-like.

Special Chocolate

The Umbrella Academy Episode 4

Hazel and Cha Cha beat and torture Klaus for information on Five’s whereabouts. Klaus doesn’t break until the assassins begin trashing the drugs that Klaus had on him, including eating what they don’t realize is Klaus’s “special chocolate”. Klaus tells them that since Five has returned, he’s been acting strange–something with a prosthetic eye and the end of the world. Klaus tells them where Five has been holding his stakeout, and the two, high on special chocolate, torch the lab and leave a message for Five to come get his brother at the hotel on the van’s windshield.

Sobering up at the donut shop later, Cha Cha understands that while they might be after Five for a breaking his contract as an assassin, Five is trying to change the timeline. If they kill him, they’ll be responsible for the end of the world. Meanwhile, Ben talk Klaus through withdrawal, memories of abuse at Hargreeves’s hands, and the gathering of Hazel and Cha Cha’s victims to help Klaus turn the tables on his captors.

Why You Stayed

The Umbrella Academy Episode 4

Luther is going through Five’s bedroom, looking for clues on where he might be. Five doesn’t know about the attack. They have to warn him about the assassins looking for him. Luther and Diego go to the van to talk to Five, but he’s not there. Diego finds a clue that leads them to the library. While searching for Five, Diego tells Luther that instead of asking why everyone else left, he should be asking himself why he stayed. The two eventually find Five drunk and passed out in a corner, getting cuddly with Dolores after Five watched the lab explode.

I’m Not Sorry

The Umbrella Academy Episode 4

Vanya fell asleep at Leonard’s place. She’s out of her anxiety meds but also late for rehearsal. Leonard walks Vanya to the theater for rehearsal, then uses Vanya’s keys to enter her apartment. Allison goes to Vanya’s apartment and finds Leonard inside, who says he let himself in to use the bathroom.

Allison meets Vanya outside the theater and the two go for drinks. Allison tells Vanya that she doesn’t trust Leonard. Back at the apartment, Vanya find a bouquet of flowers on her bed from Leonard. She calls him to thank him for the flowers and make a date for breakfast the next morning. What Vanya doesn’t realize is that the flowers were cover for stealing Vanya’s meds, which Leonard washes down the sink.


The Umbrella Academy Episode 4

Patch is pulled further into the mystery by Diego, who spent the night after the attack on her doorstep. Diego tells her his brother is missing and asks for her help, but Patch says she can’t do things his way. After the fire at the lab, Patch is the one to find the note to Five on the van’s windshield. She goes to the hotel to find out more, but the clerk is no help. Patch calls the gym and leaves a message for Diego to come back her up.

After waiting, Patch decides to go in alone. She passes the door to Hazel an Cha Cha’s room. Klaus bangs his head on a table to get her attention. Patch enters and frees Klaus, who scoots through the ventilation to escape, grabbing the briefcase Hazel hid inside the grate. Patch gets the drop on Hazel, but Cha Cha sneaks out and around the building and shoots Hazel from behind. By the time Diego gets the message and arrives, it’s too late. Diego takes off before the cops arrive on the scene, swiping the receipt to the donut shop on his way out the door.

Klaus boards a bus with the briefcase. He unlatches the case, hoping it contains cash inside. When he opens the briefcase, he disappears in a flash of blue light.

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