gen:LOCK Episode 5 Recap


gen:LOCK Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

gen:LOCK Episode 5 Recap

In the previous episode of Rooster Teeth’s gen:LOCK, the team ran into a Union Holon that ripped off the head of Cammie’s. In gen:LOCK episode 5, Cammie dealt with the fallout, and the Vanguard went on the offensive.

“Not Gonna Get Me Like That Again”

Cammie had a Holon nightmare, though she later learned from Yaz and Chase that they’re common. Since she couldn’t sleep, she stayed up all night designing mods for her Holon.

During training, Cammie struggled against accurately aiming her gun to shoot down training drones. While in the Cyberbrain, Cammie messed with the self-modification mode and maxed out her confidence and aggression sliders. Dr. Weller let it happen until she got out of control fighting Kazu. Dr. Weller lectured her in creating a near-psychopathic feedback loop, and the rest of the team offered to help her since they had more combat experience.

Back to the Vanguard

Miranda asked Chase if he considered coming back to the Vanguard. Chase doubted he could. She insisted he could be part of Command, but Chase didn’t feel he would be right for it. He explained that while science could eventually advance enough to fix his body, the war was happening now.

New Toys

Col. Marin and Leon briefed the Vanguard and ESU about their new mission. They would go on the offensive this time and cross into enemy territory to attack what they believed to be a manufacturing facility in Atlanta. While there, gen:LOCK One would be field-testing new enhancements. Dr. Weller gave Valentina a sniper rifle, Kazu a sword, Cammie a drone with aim assist, and Yaz a wrist laser. Miguel had created Chase’s, a jet pack.

Their mission became a rescue one as captured Polity scientists showed up. They successfully destroyed the facility and retrieved the scientists. While they escaped the facility with the scientists, the Union Holon arrived. It recognized Miranda and said a catchphrase from her and Chase’s past. Cammie and Valentina mindshared to help Valentina see where to aim. While they all joined in to fight, the Union Holon got away on a jet.

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