The Punisher Season 2 Episode 12 Recap


The Punisher Season 2 Episode 12

The Punisher Season 2 Episode 12 Recap

Mahoney’s bringing Frank to the precinct in a stolen ambulance in The Punisher season 2 episode 12. Mahoney calls ahead to the precinct, telling them to clear the way for him. A police car pulls up beside the ambulance, but it’s not the escort that Mahoney wanted. It’s Pilgrim, who opens fire and rams the ambulance off of an overpass to the street below. Pilgrim gets out and stalks the ambulance, but it ran into by Madani. Pilgrim manages to steal Madani’s car and gets away. Frank frees himself and Mahoney from the wreckage before the ambulance explodes.

Taking the Fight to Them

The Punisher Season 2 Episode 12

Pilgrim uses the navigation in Madani’s car to find the trailer Frank, Curtis, and Amy have been hiding in. Pilgrim holds Curtis hostage, asking him to give up Frnak and Amy. Amy barges in, excited that Frank escaped from the hospital. Pilgrim goes after Amy, but Frank holds him long enough for Amy to get out of the trailer. Pilgrim knocks Curtis out, but can’t find Amy anywhere.

Pilgrim returns to his hotel room to pick the shotgun pellets out of his leg, pray, and wait for further instructions. Amy pops up out of the trunk of Madani’s car. She grabs the gun strapped inside of the trunk and follows Pilgrim into the hotel.

Too Many

The Punisher Season 2 Episode 12

Still wearing the uniform he stole, Frank obtains the address and gains entry to David’s apartment. Frank takes David hostage back to the trailer.Curt is against Frank taking a US Senator as a hostage. Frank shows David the photos and tells him how many people have died to keep David’s life a secret. David says he has no idea what Frank’s talking about and had no part in any of this. Frank suggests that David knows who did… someone with the wealth and power to sweep this under the rug. Frank grabs David’s cell phone to call the Schultz’s.

This Hell Never Ends

The Punisher Season 2 Episode 12

Dumont watches a news report on the ambulance wreck and sees Madani at the scene. Billy asks Dumont why she tried to hide the fact that Frank’s loose from him. She says it shouldn’t matter. Billy won, and it’s time to move forward, to go away and leave all of this behind them. Billy leaves the apartment, saying he’s going to see to their plans. Dumont, not fully believing him, calls Madani to see if she knows where Frank is. Dumont says that this hell never ends, which Madani recognizes from Billy’ call to Frank in the hospital.

Billy meets up with his gang. They want to hunt down Frank and get revenge for him killing some of their men. Billy tells them it’s time to take the money and run. He hands out faked passports to each of them, keeping one for himself and one for Dumont. The guys ask Billy where he’s going. Billy says the “where” doesn’t matter, it’s who he’s going with that counts. On the way home, Billy buys Dumont some flowers from a street vendor.

Madani pays Dumont an unexpected visit. Madani sees Dumont’s bags packed, holes in the wall from Billy’s rages, and the nightmare journal that Billy took from Madani’s apartment. Dumont attacks Madani, resulting in Madani throwing Dumont out of her apartment window onto the street below. A crowd gathers around her on the street, Billy among them. He drops the flowers in shock. Billy sees Madani looking down on him from the broken window and storms up to meet her.

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