The Punisher Season 2 Episode 6 Recap


The Punisher Season 2 Episode 6

The Punisher Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

Amy and Frank develop the photos in The Punisher season 2 episode 6. The two enter an amateur porn studio, where Amy develops the photos while Frank beats on the owner. Amy talks Frank out of killing the guy, but does tell him to burn the place down on their way out the door.

An Easy Woman to Find

The Punisher Season 2 Episode 6

Pilgrim targets Madani next. He understands her habits and waits for her at the diner where she gets her coffee every morning. Madani makes him at the diner, and leads him out onto the street where she confronts him. Pilgrim says that her guilt is eating her alive. All he wants is Frank and Amy and he’ll go away. He tells her that he will see her again soon.

Mahoney also pays Madani a visit. He doesn’t believe that Madani was straight in her police report about the incident at the carousel between herself and Billy. According to the report, Madani beat Billy, then Billy somehow recovered enough to shoot her in the head. Mahoney asks who the third man was at the carousel, the one with the skull on his vest.

A New Crew

The Punisher Season 2 Episode 6

Billy starts drinking with some of Jake’s buddies from Curtis’s veterans support group. When one of the guys who is living out of his car needs help because his car is being towed, Billy organizes the guys and intercepts the tow truck. Afterward, the guys start talking about what to do for their next mission.

Curt bails the homeless veteran out of jail the next morning when he is stopped on his way out of state. That’s the second time that Billy has crossed Curtis’s path. Before the incident with the tow truck, Billy approached Curtis in the parking garage, pleading with Curtis to tell him what happened and who did this to him. Curtis says he can’t tell Billy anything.

Back in Dumont’s apartment, Mahoney presents a subpoena for the files she has on Billy. Dumont gives him some of her notes, but holds onto others. When Mahoney leaves, Dumont tells Billy she’s a criminal now, too. Billy fumes at Dumont, asking what number of experiment is he to her. Dumont slaps and stabs Billy, who pins her down by the throat and kisses her.


The Punisher Season 2 Episode 6

Frank and Amy stake out Poloznev’s haunts, forming a plan. They watch as the Russian drops his daughter off at a $40,000 a year private school. Amy asks Frank about his daughter, if this is what he would have wanted for her. Frank says he doesn’t think about her. Amy tells him he should let her live on inside his head, doing things and being happy. Later, when Frank is teaching Amy how to disarm a man with a handgun, Amy asks if he ever taught his daughter this stuff. Frank get sullen and Amy nearly walks out, before Frank asks her to please stay.

The two work a plan that manages to get Frank alone with Poloznev. Frank asks about the job with the photos. The photos show a young man, David Schultz, kissing another young man at a funeral. The Schultz family runs alt-right websites that create scandals for their opponents, who they blackmail and buy off. the Schultz’s have bought up most of Congress a piece at a time and are positioning David to be president someday, but either David’s homosexuality or the fact that his family hid it and lied about it could derail those hopes. Poloznev doesn’t want to expose David, but to blackmail him. Frank lets Poloznev live, for his daughter’s sake, but Pilgrim finds Poloznev and kills him.

It Pisses Me Off

The Punisher Season 2 Episode 6

Curtis calls Frank and Madani together. The three agree that Frank can’t fight Billy and Pilgrim at once. Billy is the bigger threat right now, so it is decided that Frank will take care of him first, then they’ll deal with this other matter. Frank agrees on the condition that he’s going to kill Billy. Everyone is fine with that.

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