Charmed Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

Charmed Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

The CW’s Charmed is back from its mid-season break. When we last left off with the Charmed Ones, Hunter had fallen into Tartarus along with Harry, and Galvin witnessed it. Charmed season 1 episode 10 picks up after the incident, and the Vera-Vaughns deal with the aftermath.

Let Love Be Your Strength

In Tartarus, a Dragon Eye was torturing Harry with scorpion stings that revealed his memories from when he was human. The memories disturbed him, since they showed him as a criminal who was responsible for his son’s death.

The Charmed Ones planned to trade the Harbinger for Harry. When they went to Dante, the gatekeeper, they discovered the paint can was empty. He threw Maggie into Tartarus so that they would bring him the Harbinger. Charity remembered Alistair mesmerizing her to trade paint cans.

Mel asked Parker to get it back for them. During the trade, Alistair arrived to get the Harbinger and Hunter back. With Maggie out of Tartarus, she created a spell powerful enough to hold Alistair back, and he ran.

Back at home, Harry wasn’t the same. Charity had reviewed the memories they had taken from him, a major rule violation. She told him that what he’d done as a human had saved his son, who was still alive.

The Virgin That Broke the Camel’s Back

Charmed Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

Galvin was surprisingly okay with Macy being a witch. His exposure to his grandmother’s religious magic made him open to the idea. Macy confirmed for him that he’d had a protection ward. The one thing that threw him off was Macy’s virginity. However, he assured her eventually that he was fine with it.

At work, Macy and Galvin magically hacked into Julia’s computer. They discovered research on turning human DNA into demon DNA. What’s more, Galvin realized that Julia had sequenced the DNA of Macy and her sisters. It revealed that Maggie and Macy shared the same father, but not Mel.

Pain Protection

Charmed Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

Maggie was mourning her relationship with Parker. She needed to stop hurting, so she cast a spell that would take away her pain. Unfortunately, it was habit-forming and made her unfeeling. Since Maggie’s powers were tied to her emotions, it messed with her powers. After her time in Tartarus, Parker tried to see her, but she couldn’t trust him.  Maggie needed time to heal.

Hell Fire

Mel was still embedded with the Sarcana. They were trying to help a witch who had been in Tartarus. She was the Keeper of the Flame. Mel was able to bring back more hell fire for them, athough she didn’t know what the Sarcana was going to use it for. At the club, Jada kissed Mel, but Niko had been watching them and taking pictures.

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