Deadly Class Season 1 Episode 1 Recap


Deadly Class Season 1 Episode 1

Deadly Class Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

Deadly Class follows a group of teenagers attending a school that trains them to become elite assassins and is based upon the comic book series of the same name. What does this first installment have in store? Let’s find out as we recap Deadly Class season 1 episode 1!


Deadly Class Season 1 Episode 1

Marcus was fleeing from the police as he had set a fire that resulted in the deaths of a dozen people. He found a discarded marijuana cigarette on the ground and began to smoke it, unfortunately for him it was laced with LSD and he began to hallucinate. Marcus attempted to find a place where he could be alone, but he was picked up by a girl riding a motorcycle. Marcus was taken to see a man named Master Lin, who offered to train him in the art of assassination. After refusing to join Lin’s class, he went and laid on a park bench and remembered a happy time with his parents.


Deadly Class Season 1 Episode 1

The girl on the motorcycle, who was named Saya, found Marcus and convinced him to give Master Lin’s class a try. The students that were present welcomed Marcus to the school, called King’s Dominion. Master Lin explained to Marcus how, in the time of Reagan’s America, learning to kill was more necessary than ever before. The next day, the various gangs in the school attempted to recruit Marcus until he stepped afoul of the Mexican cartel and they threatened to kill him later in the day. In his first class, Marcus was assigned to find and kill someone that he felt was worthy of dying. Marcus settled on Rory, a homeless man who had been killing all of the other homeless people in the city. Later in poisoning class, Marcus helped one of the students poison the Soviet student, Victor.

Battling the Cartel

Deadly Class Season 1 Episode 1

At lunch, Marcus had the entire school hierarchy explained to him. He was taken to the roof where all of the other ‘rats’ hung out, smoked, and listened to punk rock. Marcus explained to the kids that he was planning on assassinating Ronald Reagan, as Reagan had ruined Marcus’ life by closing down all mental institutions. Marcus tracked Saya and tried to enlist her help in fighting Chico, the cartel member from earlier. He related the tragic story of how he came to set the fire at the orphanage. Marcus found Chico and initiated a one-on-one fistfight with him. Master Lin arrived and put an immediate stop to the fight. Marcus was enlisted by another student, Willie to go and kill Rory. The pair tried to kill Rory, but Willie couldn’t do it as he was a pacifist. Luckily, Marcus managed to take out Rory with a sneaky maneuver involving a piece of plywood. The pair finished their assignment and returned to King’s Dominion.

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