Sex Education Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Sex Education Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

In the previous episode of Netflix’s Sex Education, Otis and Maeve agreed to the sex clinic, but left Otis out of the business. In Sex Education season 1 episode 3, Maeve made an appointment at an abortion clinic, while Eric auditioned for Swing Band.

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Otis woke up from a wet dream about Maeve. He was running late for his therapy appointments, so he stuffed the sheet under his bed. Otis told Jean not to go in his room. Of course, Jean went against his wishes and put the sheet in the wash.

Jean received a package of books she co-wrote with Otis’ father, Remi. He had sent them for her to sign for his book tour. Remi called her, and Jean talked about writing a new book. After hanging up with him, she realized what the topic of her new book would be: teenage wet dreams.

When Otis arrived home that evening, Jean was teaching a vagina seminar. One of the attendees congratulated him on his ejaculation, and he saw the freshly laundered sheet folded on his bed.

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Sex Education Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

The abortion clinic required Maeve to have someone take her home afterwards. She tried asking her landlord, Aimee, and Jackson, but it was Otis, who wouldn’t be too busy. Maeve didn’t tell him why she wanted to meet him. Eric convinced Otis that it was a date, so he went home and dressed up.

At the clinic, two protesters outside yelled at Maeve about her fetus. Sarah, a frequent patient, was disruptive in the waiting room. However, Sarah and Maeve comforted each other before and after their procedures.

Otis showed up early and realized his mistake. He had to hang out with the protesters, who were arguing. One of the protesters vented about her partner, who had confessed that he had pre-marital sex before they got together. Otis suggested forgiving him, since it was the Christian thing to do.

When Maeve was ready to go, Otis came back with a sandwich and some flowers and walked her home.


Sex Education Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

The Swing Band teacher encouraged Eric to audition because they needed a French horn player. Eric barely made it on the team, with only Lily approving it. Lily suggested coming over to practice with him, and he agreed. He didn’t know that Lily was sex-obsessed and drew tentacle porn. Lily realized too late that Eric was gay, but when she saw his closet of clothes, they gave each other makeovers. She asked him to show her gay porn, but Eric’s father walked in. Lily left, and his father told Eric that it was time he grew up.

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Sex Education Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

We got a glimpse of Jackson’s life. His mother pushed him to do better at swimming, and Jackson seemed to constantly seek her approval. Adam was jealous of Jackson since his father, the headmaster, was very proud of him. Jackson missed Maeve, who hadn’t gone to his swim meet. However, Maeve hadn’t told him about being pregnant.

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