Sex Education Season 1 Episode 1 Recap


Sex Education Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

Sex Education Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

Netflix’s new dramedy Sex Education has teenager Otis, the son of a well-respected sex and relationship therapist, holding his own sex therapy sessions at his school. The first season just dropped, so we will be recapping all eight episodes. Let’s start things off with a detailed, straightforward, Sex Education season 1 episode 1 recap.

Touch a Nerve

On Otis’ first day of school, he discovered his English literature partner would be Adam Groff, the headmaster’s son who routinely bullied Otis’ gay best friend Eric. It was also heavily rumored at school that Adam had a large penis. Adam asked Otis where he lived and told him he would show up at his house that afternoon. The only problem was that Otis’ mother, Jean, was a sex therapist who saw patients at their sex-decor-filled house. Otis tried to hide everything incriminating, but was unsuccessful.

Jean showed up and made friends with Adam. They smoked weed together, and he flirted with her. However, Jean pointed out that while there are numerous health benefits from cannabis, one of the drawbacks was possible impotence. This struck a nerve with Adam, and he left in a rush.

Maeve Wiley was a rebellious teenager, who hung out in the restroom of a building closed for asbestos and sold papers to other students. She secretly spent time there with Aimee, one of the “Untouchables”, Moordale Secondary’s version of The Plastics. Aimee was seeing Adam, and she told Maeve that he had faked an orgasm with her.

“I’m Owning My Narrative”

Sex Education Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

The next day, Maeve ended up as Otis’ partner in biology, which was temporarily a sex ed class. During class, everyone received a video of Otis’ mother stroking an eggplant. Otis rushed outside, and the teacher instructed Maeve to go after him. They both ran into Adam in the asbestos restroom. He had taken too much Viagra, and his penis wouldn’t go down.

Otis helped Adam realize that the pressures of being the headmaster’s son and of having a large penis gave him performance anxiety. His penis finally went down, and to own his narrative, he showed his penis to the entire lunchroom. Adam was able to orgasm later with Aimee. However, it was break-up sex, and Adam continued his bullying out of anger and humiliation.

When Aimee told Maeve that Adam had an orgasm, Maeve had an idea that she proposed to Otis. He would provide sex therapy to students at Moordale, she would take care of the business end, and they would split everything 50/50. Otis reluctantly agreed.

Not the Bathroom

Otis had his own problems related to sex. He hated masturbating and couldn’t do it. He even laid out the tools, like tissues, lotion, and magazines, to make it seem like he had. Jean noticed and asked why he pretended to masturbate. At the end of the episode, he confessed to her that he couldn’t masturbate, didn’t want to discuss it, and was dealing with it on his own.

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