Tidelands Season 1 Episode 6 Recap


Tidelands Season 1 Episode 6

Tidelands Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

In the previous episode of Tidelands, Corey learned that the autopsy of the man Calliope had killed was faked, Adrielle summoned a Siren, and Augie was nearly killed by his men. What does this next installment have in store? Let’s find out as we recap Tidelands season 1 episode 6 ‘Loyalty!’

Empty Threats

Tidelands Season 1 Episode 6

Adrielle returned to the settlement triumphant, and immediately ordered Dylan to track down the fleeing Calliope and Violca. Dylan found Calliope putting Colton’s lifeless body in a boat, and tried to convince her to stay and talk with Adrielle. Dylan was suddenly loyal to Adrielle, as she had just shown him and all the other Tidelanders their true mother. Calliope was unconvinced and set sail for the mainland. Meanwhile, Bill found Augie’s hideout and he told Augie the truth about Calliope and her Tidelander identity. Augie decided to visit with Adrielle to come to some sort of agreement about the drug trade. Back with the Tidelanders, Adrielle explained to Lamar why she had been seeking the shards. Lamar did not believe this was the best course of action, but Adrielle threatened to kill him if he disagreed again.

The Truth Always Comes to Light

Tidelands Season 1 Episode 6

Augie drove to the Tidelander settlement and was surprised to find it mostly deserted. He was welcomed to meet with Adrielle, but was angry that Augie did not have her monetary installment. Adrielle also believed that dealing with Gregori was in the best interest of her community. Dylan went to the police station and tried to convince Corey to help him bring Calliope back to Adrielle, but he refused to do so. Corey went to Calliope’s house and told her that the police officer she had been convicted of killing was already dead before she started the fire. Calliope angrily stormed into the bar and accused Rosa of setting her up. And Rosa quickly admitted to it.

A Changing of Leadership

Tidelands Season 1 Episode 6

Gregori came to Augie’s men and asked to learn everything about the Tidelanders, so that he could eliminate them. Augie made contact with Calliope and told her where he was. Calliope and Corey went to go meet him at his warehouse. Calliope discovered that it was a set-up by Gregori. He immediately took Calliope prisoner and chained her into a container that they filled with water. Gregori observed Calliope’s ability to breathe underwater and came up with a plan to kill them. His men brought Corey to the police station, where Augie learned about Cal’s situation. Afterwards, Gregori drove to the Tidelander settlement and met with Adrielle. Calliope used some sort of mind control to kill her captors. Adrielle did her best to seduce Gregori, but he was not so easily swayed. Dylan went to the warehouse and found Calliope, Augie walked in at that moment and the pair worked to get Calliope free. Adrielle learned about a new artifact that had been discovered in China.

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