Runaways Season 2 Episode 2 Recap


Marvel's Runaways Season 2 Episode 2

Runaways Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

Runaways season 2 episode 2 opens with the earthquake that ended the previous episode. While Jonah shows Karolina how to control her abilities, the kids ride out the rumble inside their new home. At the PRIDE surveillance headquarters, the adults believe that the earthquake is the beginning of the end for the city. While the Wilders agree to stay and monitor the surveillance, the rest of the adults leave to pursue their various agendas.


Marvel's Runaways Season 2 Episode 2

Janet delivers a tablet with schematics for building a new pod to Jonah, but only after first verifying that Victor is still alive. Janet offers to help Jonah construct the pod, but Jonah tells her that he and Victor have it under control. Rebuffed, Janet turns to Geoffrey, who hands her an ancient book called The Abstract. She knows that Victor has to consult with the book in coming up with the pod’s schematics and thinks that by deciphering it they’ll be able to find a way to kill Jonah.


Marvel's Runaways Season 2 Episode 2

Nico, Karolina, and Molly return to Nico’s house to steal the staff. The three break in, but the staff is missing. Nico’s parents are home after all. Robert tries to get Nico to come home so they can figure out a way to be a family again, but she no longer trust her parents. The three girls confront Tina and battle her for the staff. Tina is ruthless, nearly drowning Molly and knocking out Karolina. Nico says that Tina loves the power of the staff more than her own family. Tina hands Nico the staff and tells her that she can have it, but if Nico leaves, then they can never be a family again. Nico calls her mother’s bluff and leaves.

Back at the house, Chase tells Gert that he does want them to be an item. The two work together to get the power turned on, but not without a blackout and a scare when power company workers come to fix the issue. With power restored, Nico tells the group to claim bedrooms and get some sleep because in the morning they need to begin training on how to use their powers to fight together effectively.

The Wilders

Marvel's Runaways Season 2 Episode 2

Alex spends the day helping Darius get moved into his new home. Alex enjoys the family dynamic that he never got growing up. Darius gives Alex more money to help him out. Alex and Livvie connect. She puts Alex’s hair in cornrows to help hide him from the police. They even share a kiss after Livvie tells Alex that she believes in him regardless of what the police are accuse him of doing.

While Geoffrey and Catherine are looking for a way to take the heat off of the kids with the police, Darius calls Geoffrey. Geoffrey tells Darius that he doesn’t have time for Darius’ games, that he’s trying to find Alex. Darius says that’s what he’s calling about.

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