Tidelands Season 1 Episode 2 Recap


Tidelands Season 1 Episode 2

Tidelands Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

In the previous episode of Tidelands, Calliope returned home after a ten-year prison stint and immediately became involved in her brother’s drug-running business. She also learned that she can breathe underwater. What does this next installment have in store? Let’s find out as we recap Tidelands season 1 episode 2 ‘Orphans of L’Attente!’

Fight and Flight

Tidelands Season 1 Episode 2

Calliope managed to free herself from her bonds and immediately swam to the surface. She began to assault two men who she believed to be her attackers, but they assured her that they were not. Augie was fulfilling a deal he had struck and he accused his customer of murdering Zach, but the customer was not responsible for the death. Meanwhile, Calliope was intercepted by the police on her way home and she told them about the attempted drowning. In the Tidelander area, Adrielle placed her newly acquired stack of money in her safe and threatened one of her lackeys. Calliope was taken to the police station to be interviewed.


Tidelands Season 1 Episode 2

Calliope ran to Augie’s base of operations and one of Augie’s henchmen was obviously shocked to see Calliope still alive. Back with the Tidelanders, the common people’s weekly monetary payment was being handed out. When two children who had seen the incident with Calliope ran in and told Lamar about Calliope’s Tidelander powers. Lamar went to the police and exchanged sexual favors for information on Calliope. Calliope told Augie about the incident and he believed that someone was trying to destroy his business by taking her out. Rosa had ordered the hit on Calliope and she was very disappointed to find out that Calliope was still alive. The assassin came to the house where Calliope was staying and attempted to kill her again. However, Calliope used her powers to force him to flee. Adrielle then ordered Dylan to seduce Calliope.


Tidelands Season 1 Episode 2

One of the police officers began to investigate the death of Calliope’s father, but he was warned against doing so by the police chief. Calliope went to her mother’s bar and accused her mother of trying to have her killed. However, Rosa denied it and gave Calliope her inheritance money. Adrielle caught the child that was spying on her and immediately made an example out of him by having his eye ripped out. Calliope searched for answers and found her old friend, Corey, offering to assist her in any way he could. Lamar found the recently mutilated child and learned what he had seen when spying on Adrielle. Augie set sail on another drug-run by himself. Calliope and Corey reminisced about their shared loss of loved ones at sea. Corey accused the Tidelanders of carrying out attacks against the humans, but Calliope refused to believe that such a thing was possible. Calliope and Corey quickly began to have a passionate kissing session on the beach. Adrielle used some sort of magic to learn that Calliope was a Tidelander, Corey also came to this realization after their romantic encounter.

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