The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 8 Recap


The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 8

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 8 Recap

It’s time for the annual mid-season break on The Walking Dead, and that means a cliffhanger ending! Last week’s episode brought the scattered survivors back together on the outskirts of Hilltop, after Eugene and Rosita encountered some whispering walkers. Rosita was banged up and had to leave a badly injured Eugene in a barn. Daryl, Aaron, and Jesus went out to find Eugene without realizing the full extent of the new threat. Meanwhile, Michonne learned about Rosita’s condition on the way to Hilltop, where she hoped to help Magna and her friends find a new home. In The Walking Dead season 9 episode 8, Michonne’s old friends weren’t exactly thrilled to see her.

Cold Shoulder

Hilltop’s residents were so skittish that they ran inside when riders were seen on the road. They even made Michonne and Siddiq drop their weapons before letting them inside. Magna and her friends were bewildered by Hilltop’s icy response to Michonne. But they were told that Jesus would decide their fate when he returned, assuming they could earn their keep. Carol and Tara were both standoffish towards Michonne, who didn’t back down from her isolationist stance. Privately, Michonne expressed disappointment that everyone was so mad at her. However, she refused to apologize or make amends. Then, Rosita woke up with a warning about the whispering herd.

TWD Goes The Full CW

After saying goodbye to his adoptive mother, Carol, Henry was dejected when he learned that Enid had an ex-Savior boyfriend. Fortunately, Henry found some new friends his own age: Addy, Rodney, and Gage. At their invitation, Henry blew off his time with Earl the blacksmith to get drunk in a cabin outside of Hilltop’s walls. Henry was into it too, until Rodney and Gage showed him the walker they used to relieve their boredom. Henry alienated his new friends by killing the walker, and he turned himself into the guards at the wall. Earl was so angry at Henry that he almost sent him home to Hillop. However, Henry was able to win a second chance by getting Earl to feel sympathy for him.

Early Release

Back at Alexandria, Gabriel attempted to minister to Negan, even though the former leader of the Saviors mocked him. Gabriel’s frustration boiled over when Negan wouldn’t stop running his mouth during his bed pan cleaning. Gabriel revealed that Rosita had been injured, and Negan actually seemed apologetic about it. Some time later, Negan realized that Gabriel forgot to lock the door when he left the cell. After a few moments of contemplation, Negan seemingly left his prison behind.

“You Are Where You Do Not Belong”

Daryl, Aaron, and Jesus noticed the unusual behavior of the herd between them and Jesus. However, they believed they could simply avoid the herd as they always had before. When they located Eugene, he impressed upon them the need to flee. They even seemed to consider his warning about the evolving walkers who could talk. Much to their amazement, the herd was on their trail almost immediately. Even Daryl’s distractions couldn’t keep the herd from chasing them down.

Aaron, Eugene, and Jesus made their stand in a graveyard, and cut down the first wave of walkers. Michonne, Magna, and Yumiko showed up to lend a hand as well. But just when things were going well, a walker ducked Jesus’ slash and stabbed him in the back. The Whisperer told Jesus that he didn’t belong there before he died. In the aftermath, the survivors realized that the Whisperers were humans wearing walker skins. And they were unnerved by the whispering as they were surrounded by real and fake walkers.

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