Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1 Episode 10 Recap


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1 Episode 10

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 1 episode 10 is told from the point of view of Wardwell narrating the story to an unseen audience. After the events of the previous episode, Sabrina’s ties to the mortal world are thin and fraying. Wardwell tells us that it was time she gave Sabrina the final nudge to sign herself over to the Dark Lord.

“We Will Always Be Here for You”

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 1 episode 10

Zelda makes Sabrina get out of bed and go to school. At Baxter High, Sabrina sees Harvey and ducks into a bathroom to avoid him, where she runs into Susie and Roz. The pair confront Sabrina, demanding to know if she is a witch. Sabrina tells them everything. Rather than abandon her, Susie and Roz tell Sabrina that they will always be there for her.

Wardwell, seeing Sabrina’s mortal friends sticking by her, kicks her plan into high gear. Luring a high school virgin into the woods, Wardwell summons the 13 witches hanged in those woods. For two nights, during the witching hour, the 13 are free to seek their vengeance on both the mortals and the witches of Greendale. On the second night, the 13 are to summon the Red Angel of Death to slaughter the firstborn of Greendale.

“Like a Train Going Past a Graveyard”

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 1 episode 10

Ambrose and Luke stumble upon the 13 and bring the warning to Faustus and the coven. Faustus decides that before the Red Angel of Death rides, the coven will gather at the Academy and fortify it with protection spells. When asked about the mortals, Faustus says to let them pray to their god for protection.

Sabrina tells her aunts that she is staying to help the mortals, expecting a fight. Instead, Zee says that the Spellmans will stay and do what’s right. Like Faustus, they will gather the mortals together and protect them in the storm shelter at Baxter High. To ensure the mortals go there, the Spellmans summon a tornado.

Roz’s nana knows death is coming and doesn’t plan to run from it. Neither Roz nor Susie will leave her side. Likewise, Harvey won’t leave his father, telling Sabrina that he doesn’t want a witch’s protection. Nonetheless, Sabrina sends Nick to protect Harvey and his father from the 13.

The Red Angel of Death

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 1 episode 10

While the 13 are about, Zelda is summoned from Baxter High to the Academy by Faustus. Lady Blackwood is in labor. Zee and Prudence attend to Lady Blackwood, sending Faustus away. Zee presents Faustus his son, saying that it devoured its twin in the womb. Zee, however, saved the first child, a daughter, from Faustus, knowing he would sacrifice it in order to make way for his son to be his heir. Zee tells Hilda she plans to raise the daughter as they did Sabrina.

Likewise, Ambrose is summoned away to the Academy by Luke, who doesn’t want Ambrose to get killed defending mortals. Seeing the futility of their situation, Sabrina leaves Hilda to maintain the protections alone while Wardwell tells Sabrina to take the offensive against the 13.

“Don’t Accept it from the Dark Lord. Take it.”

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 1 episode 10

Wardwell takes Sabrina to the woods, to the place prepared for her Dark Baptism. Wardwell tells Sabrina that signing her name in the book is the only way to obtain the power needed to save Greendale. With the Dark Lord officiating the ritual, Sabrina signs her name in the Book of the Beast.

Sabrina uses her power to call the 13 to the hanging tree. Sabrina tells them to send the Red Angel of Death away and leave Greendale. When the 13 don’t do as ordered, Sabrina summons hellfire to burn the witches and the tree, as she saw in her earlier vision of the future. With the 13 burned, the tether between the world and the Red Angel of Death breaks, sending the rider away. Following the ritual, Sabrina tells her mortal friends that she touched something dark and dangerous within herself during the spell, and that she is keeping her distance from them for their own protection. At the Academy, Sabrina embraces the Weird Sisters and her new power.

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