The Deuce Season 2 Episode 8 Recap


The Deuce Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

The Deuce Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

In the previous episode of HBO’s The Deuce, Eileen and Lori prepared for the attention Red Hot would bring, and someone shot at Vincent while he was getting dinner with Rudy. The Deuce season 2 episode 8 began with Rudy and Vincent trying to find out who shot at him.

The Heel

Tommy picked up Hodas off the street at gunpoint and took him to a warehouse where they could interrogate him. Rudy handed Vincent a gun, and while he was reluctant, he and Black Frankie got Hodas to admit he didn’t make decisions. He merely handed off money in envelopes. Vincent called Rudy off from killing him.

Vincent visited his parents and brought them groceries. He spoke with his father about how he wanted a family and Abby didn’t. His father reminded Vincent that he already had a family. Vincent pointed to him sleeping around when he was younger, but his father insisted that he never thought of leaving like Vincent had done.

Buy Out

The Deuce Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

Rudy talked with Matty Ianniello, who wanted to bring him into his porn business. Rudy pointed out he owned part of Red Hot already, but Ianniello was talking about signing Lori to a multi-movie deal. They met with Kiki, who wanted them to buy out C.C. for full control over Lori.

They reached a deal with C.C., but that wouldn’t quite be the end of it for Lori. He took her out for drinks and got a room with her. C.C. roughly had sex with her and threw money at her before leaving. Soon after, Lori left for Los Angeles with Kiki.

Be Careful

The Deuce Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

Loretta, Abby, and Dave warned Dorothy about her activism tactics. She was too public about what she was doing, and Dave walked away from their arrangement. The pimps talked about how they would handle Dorothy since they were losing their girls to her. C.C. advised them against retaliation since she was a “civilian”.

The pimps were dealing with other issues. Shay got Rodney high on hydromorphone, and he tried to get a pharmacist to give him some. Larry was playing a slave in a porn movie, and he argued about his questionable lines. Barbie was back from prison and confronted Larry about never hearing from him.

“He Talked Too Much”

The Deuce Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

C.C. was still on a tear about Lori. He looked for Frankie to demand an advance for his take. Frankie was hard to find since he had broken up with Tina and was last seen with an older woman, Victoria. C.C. finally caught up with him at Bobby’s parlor. Bobby sent the girls away and kept Black Frankie at the front to tell customers they were temporarily closed, and Frankie, Bobby, and C.C. went to a back room. After C.C. demanded a $10,000 advance, Bobby stabbed him with a screwdriver. C.C. went after Bobby, so Frankie beat him with a hammer. Black Frankie burst in, but C.C. was already dead.

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