Podcast! Shock Waves Bonus Episode (Karim Hussain Talks The Theatre Bizarre)

We’re keeping this episode short!  With co-hosts Lawrence Raffel and Brian Collins on leave, host Ryan Turek presents a one-on-one interview with Karim Hussain, one of the directors behind The Theatre Bizarre.  Hussain – who served as a cinematographer on Hobo With a Shotgun – directs “Vision Stains,” one of several stories featured in the anthology horror film opening January 27.

Don’t forget, we’re currently giving away tickets to see the film on opening night in select cities – follow this link for more details!  And Be sure to visit the film’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

An Exclusive Clip With Udo Kier from The Theatre Bizarre

For today’s The Theatre Bizarre exclusive, we’re sharing another clip.  This time, it’s a snippet from the wraparound segment featured in this anthology horror film.  The clip is a preface to Tom Savini’s contribution, “Wet Dreams,” and features Virginia Newcomb and the incomparable Udo Kier.

Responsible for the framing devices in the film is director Jeremy Kasten, who we had the pleasure of having on Choice Cuts not long ago.  The Theatre Bizarre opens on January 27 and we have two new locations to add to the list of theaters playing the film.

We’re Giving Away Tickets to The Theatre Bizarre!

Shock has been your number one source of coverage for all things related to The Theatre Bizarre, this month’s anthology horror film featuring the eclectic and grisly works of directors Douglas Buck, Buddy Giovinazzo, David Gregory, Karim Hussain, Tom Savini, Richard Stanley and Jeremy Kasten.

This film opens in a limited theatrical release on January 26 from W2 Media and Severin Films and have five (5) pairs of tickets to give away for the first midnight screening of the film in the following cities/theaters…

Shock Waves: Episode 16 (w/Guest Host Brian Collins – Re-Evaluating Splice,

Hello, 2012!  Shock Waves welcomes in the new year with guest co-host Brian Collins of Horror Movie a Day.

In this episode, Collins and host Ryan Turek react to the trailer for the latest contained thriller, ATM, and discuss the upcoming Carrie remake and a new ghost story called HAUNTERS.  Reviews include: The Grey, starring Liam Neeson, Richard Stanley’s Hardware and The Devil Inside.  And for their feature discussion, Collin and Turek analyze Vincenzo Natali’s 2010 sci-fi thriller Splice.

As an added bonus…  Tune in for an exclusive interview with Tom Savini as he chats about The Theatre Bizarre, the anthology horror film featuring his contribution: “Wet Dreams.”  Head inside for an exclusive clip from the film.

Choice Cuts 40: The Theatre Bizarre’s Buddy Giovinazzo

It just dawned on me…  Episode 40?!  I never imagined Choice Cuts would keeping rolling along like it has, but here we are, 40 episodes down.  

This is our third, and final, installment tied in to The Theatre Bizarre, a horror anthology film opening in theaters January 27.  For the last couple of weeks, we’ve been talking to the contributing directors involved (click here for our previous two episodes) and this week we have Buddy Giovinazzo, director of Combat Shock and the segment in The Theatre Bizarre entitled “I Love You,” in the hot seat.

Now, just because this is our last Bizarre-themed episode that doesn’t mean we’re done speaking with the directors.  Tune in to future episodes of Shock Till You Drop’s Shock Waves podcast for our chats with Tom Savini, Karim Hussain, Richard Stanley and Douglas Buck.

Choice cuts 39: The Theatre Bizarre’s Jeremy Kasten

Last week, we kicked off our series of Choice Cuts episodes focusing on The Theatre Bizarre with writer-director-producer David Gregory.  Today, we present our interview with director Jeremy Kasten, the man responsible for the wraparound segments embedded in this anthology horror film.

Inside, you’ll find our chat with Kasten, who previously helmed All Souls Day, The Thirst and The Wizard of Gore remake.  The director talks about working with Udo Kier, the challenges of his contribution to The Theatre Bizarre and his upcoming film The Dead Ones.

Choice Cuts 38: The Theatre Bizarre’s David Gregory

Two Choice Cuts episodes in one week?  Yes, indeed.  With installment 38, however, we’re kicking off the first in a series of interviews we’ve conducted for The Theatre Bizarre, an unsettling and graphic slice of anthology cinema making its way into theaters beginning January 27 from W2 Media and Severin Films.

The interviews with the filmmakers involved are going to be broken up across Choice Cuts and our podcast, Shock Waves, over the next month, leading up to the film’s release.  And what better way to begin our in-depth coverage than with the man who got the ball rolling on the project as producer, and contributed to the film as a writer-director with the story entitled Sweets, David Gregory.

Theater, City Listing for The Theatre Bizarre Release

A follow-up to our story earlier this week in which we gave you a look at the poster for The Theatre Bizarre and told you it will open in limited release on January 27.  Distributor W2 Media presented us a theater and city list, so head inside to see if it’s playing near you.  And keep your eyes on Shock Till You Drop Monday December 19.  That is when we will be exclusively premering the trailer!

The Theatre Bizarre One-Sheet, Release Date

There’s a palpable and welcome resurgence of anthology films occurring on the genre scene.  This week, Little Deaths hit DVD, giving horror fans a palette of deranged UK thrillers.  Come January 27, they’ll witness the release of The Theatre Bizarre which features six original short films linked by a wraparound segment set within the eponymous venue.

The participating filmmakers include Buddy Giovinazzo, Richard Stanley, Douglas Buck, Karim Hussain, Tom Savini and Jeremy Kasten.  Inside, you’ll find the synopsis and official one-sheet for this W2 Media release.